1st attempt a little wrong


after a few million attempts i think i have finally got the hang of crochet in the round (i wantedt o do this rather than granny squares, u have no idea why just what i wanted to learn).

anyway, the centre looks fine, a few silly mistakes but nothigna 2nd attempt wouldnt fix.the outer circles (im doing colour changes) seem to gather to look a little like a flower?? my guess would be i’m making to many increaced stitches, am i right please?

Yes, I think you’re correct. What are you making?

When working in the round I always put a small safety pin where you join and that tells you where to put the next round. Seemed to help me to cut down on mistakes when I was first starting.

i will try the saftey pin idea, and start over.

im not making anything particulalry just a lerning piece. it may end up as a blanket for the cat or something i dont know yet lol

thank you both for your help, i’ve been trying to get this right for about 2 years now and it suddenly clicked how to increase a st, i was trying to increase like you do in knitting hence getting it soo wrong.

Try crochetcabana.com She has great tutorials in the shapes category. That’s where I learned to do a granny square. She takes you step by step with pictures which I really need to learn something new.

crochetme.com is a support site you might find helpful