1st Anniversary Ideas?

So my hubby and I will celebrate out first wedding anniversary in a month and we are debating what to do…can’t really do anything overnight (thought about dinner and a B&B room for the night) b/c we have 2 crazy dogs and nobody to watch them that weekend. Thought about a hot air balloon ride, but not sure I want to spend $354 to celebrate with strangers and I also thought about couples massages, but since he just herniated a disc, not sure he would be up for a massage as he cannot comfortably lay on his stomach. Of course we will go out for a nice dinner or lunch.

Any other suggestions?

What did you do when he proposed? My dh and I went back to where he proposed around our first anniversary. It was a trip for us, but the idea is there. Or how about a picnic? Long twilight drive with music from your wedding? Chocolate and wine and early bedtime? I’m sure others will have much more creative ideas … you can tell I’ve been married a while and have kids - my idea of a nice night with my dh is a quiet conversation NOT about the children, our bills, or tomorrow, a cup of tea, and fresh sheets …:rollingeyes:

Play tourist in your area. Go see the stuff you’d normally take visitors to see.

Check and see if there’s any festivals and such in the area. Or farmer’s markets.

Take a drive, discuss your dream house and find a neighborhood for it.

Grab books (knitting, whatever), lounge chairs and chill at the local park/beach/zoo/outdoor restaurant and people watch.

Recreate your first date.

Congratulations, by the way! :muah::happydance::hug:


Let’s see… our first date was a little different as we were set-up, after 3 yrs we both finally agreed to let someone send us on a blind date. Short of the long story is we ended up at a local brewery that has good beer, but horrible food.

He proposed while on a hike at sunset off the Blue Ridge parkway in Nov here in VA (yup it was cold and I often joke that the only reason I said yes was that I needed a ride off the mountain). We have actually talked about getting back in our wedding clothes and heading up there to take some pictures. I’m not the sentimental type so my dress has not been preserved and cleaned. He wants to take me up there on his motorcycle in the dress and pop a bottle of wine we had all our wedding guests sign (we didn’t try to save top layer of our ice cream cake) and I will most likely have the baker replicate the top layer of my cake to have with the wine.

I think you have some great ideas - I love recreating the cake! My dh proposed on a hike too - only we were in the Aderoindaks (sp?) in June. Great memories.

Congratulations on your anniversary! DH and I like to take day trips for birthdays and anniversarys and visit a nearby town that we might not have been to.

Of course, we’re also happy to spend the day browsing book (and yarn for me!) stores, but that’s too low-key for most people. :slight_smile:

Hubby and I redid our very first date, pictures, pub, take-away. Only this time I didn’t go back to my mothers!

We’ve been married 7 years this year, and together 10 years in December, we’ve decided to do something special for that.