1967 Knit It Magazine with Twiggy On Cover!

I have this cool mag I found at a garage sale. Niiiice patterns inside, including some men’s aran sweaters nicer than anything I have found online so far.

I was wondering if anyone knew if this is the same Knit It magazine we have today?

Seeing the picture of her sure brings back memories. :woot:

Looks like the first issue of the current Knit It! magazine was December 2001. BH&G puts it out.

I remember seeing Twiggy “back in the day”…

Hope that doesn’t make me old? :doh:


WOW! The very first??? Cool!

Actually, the cover says “Number 5”. And only $0.50 for the issue!!!

Does anyone have any idea if it’s worth anything? It’s in good condition, just a little wear on the spine, but it’s all intact.

So that is the style of clothes that was popular when I was born…:flirt:

Let’s see… in 1967 I would have been a freshman in HS. :teehee: Most kids didn’t wear anything like that though. :roflhard:

not meaning to make anyone feel old or anything…but in 1967 my mom was 9…

my mom was 5…until dec 14 1967. then she was…6!


nice find though!

Man, I feel old now. In 1967, my mom was a 10. :teehee:

That is so cool! I have some old knitting magazines, but not that old. I was eight in '67 and wish I’d been old enough to experience 1969. What an incredible year that was. All you kiddies posting here missed out, same as your moms. :wink:

Lu, is Elizabeth Zimmerman mentioned in your book?

Ha! In 1967 I graduated from college and got married.

my mom married and had me fast. i was born in 1980 :wink:


It was great being a teen in the late 60’s, but I wasn’t an active participant in some of the more controversial topics of the era. Thank god. I like my brain cells thankyouverymuch! :teehee:

Yeah, the late 60s was a cool time to be a teenager. The summer of 67 was the most exciting time of my life, and I couldn’t even say exactly why. I graduated high school in 69 – brain cells intact. I was knitting a little bit then, but nothing like Twiggy’s wearing – mostly scarves & gloves. Spending hours putting on false eyelashes and ridiculous amounts of mascara (like Twiggy.) Highlighting my hair with Summer Blond and painting little daisies on my cheek. Definitely fashion-impaired, but, hey, it was the 60’s man.

Arielluria An item like that, with little wear and with a notable person on the front could be worth a reasonable amount to say a pop or rock museum or a fashion museum, if not an individual collector. Sothebys in the UK may be able to tell you if there is any market for such items. I would include an image with your communication.
If Sotheby’s say no then look up fashion and pop museums and try there. If nothing else you may receive some interesting responses.

Me too, I’m December of '67.

Who’s Twiggy?

British model who was one of THE first to wear mini skirts…short short short. :slight_smile:

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Twiggy (for older pics)
http://www.twiggylawson.co.uk/ (for newer pics)

Twiggy is why models are all tall skinny sticks! Designers forget women have curves and aren’t tall, in fact, they forget we come in all sorts of different sizes and shapes!

That being said, she is a stunningly beautiful woman. I can only wish I will look that beautiful at 58. :teehee: