1950s Cardigan

I have only very recently started knitting and have nearly finished my first jumper in an Aran weight for my 20 year old son. Next project is a cardigan for my wife. She picked a design from some old 1950s Vogue patterns of my mother’s.

This is given the highest level of difficulty so I may be being too ambitious. I have tried out the pattern with some samples:

My wife likes the one on the left, which is 100% Alpaca.

Welcome to KnittingHelp, Nigel!
What a lovely idea and what an adventurous knit. Making the initial swatch was an excellant idea. Read through the pattern to get an idea of the steps and the overall pattern.
Generally, with Vogue patterns it’s a good idea to check for errata although I’m not sure they maintain vintage patterns on the website.
You might also check for comments on Ravelry.
What is the name of the pattern? It’s a very pretty sweater.

that’s very pretty, love those 50’s styles!

The pattern comes from the Vogue knitting magazine. I don’t know if it has a name or was published individually.

I have read the pattern carefully and it seems to make sense. The edges, including the part with the button holes, all have to be done in “d.c” which I have discovered means double crochet. I have not done this before but there is plenty of good advice on the net and my local wool shop is happy to give advice.

The wool is now on order and I can’t wait to start!

I really do like that look, it’s one I can wear. love the colour, too. and it just so happens that I have some pink wool…

and the DC for the edging is something I’m going to look into. I don’t enjoy knitting button holes.

Please give us regular photos and updates on this one.

Knitting finally finished and sewn together. Now I have to crochet all the edges.

Exquisite! So beautifully done, NigelW. Thanks so much for the photo. It’s a delight to see such lovely work. Hope your wife enjoys every minute of wearing the jacket.

Isn’t that lovely! It’s such a classic style, too.

That’s very pretty!

All now done. The crocheting took longer than I expected!