1940's preferences

hey, :stuck_out_tongue: go here: http://www.vintagepurls.net.nz/menspatterns.html#TwoNeedleSocks

go down to the :“LONG SOCKS”

heh heh

I can imagine my husband wearing a pair of these!

But, the ad assures us that men prefer long socks!

ALSO, look at the “socks on 2 needles” which says you need a pair
of knitting “pins”.
DPN’s were called pins.

I prefer long socks, but not that long. About the length of the “golf hose” would be ok.

It says men in the forces prefer long socks. I imagine that had something to do with keeping them from slipping totally inside the boots, warmth and padding for the knees more than it had to do with style.

Terminology is definitely an issue when going to real old patterns. I was somewhere that had some flapper styles that were interesting but I sure couldn’t figure them out.

Yeah I can see how a guy in a freezing cold trench would want long socks.

I love over the knee socks! I can get by wearing them w/skirts just below knee length. Only problem is they take SOOOO long to knit!

I know, I know it was for soldiers, but, it’s funny to look at old clothing, and see where it all began, like, when my dad wears black socks up to his mid-calf, with shorts, and sandals.
What’s that all about??
But, if you look back at the era he grew up in, it makes sense.
Another example is, looking at some of the hippies from the 60’s who never made the transition to adult hood.
I hear there are a lot of them in Calif.

Maybe you will make a pair from this pattern!!:slight_smile:

Get some KNITTING PINS, before you start!!:mrgreen:

Remember knee socks in school?
I remember when girls weren’t allowed to wear shorts or slacks to school. Skirts and dresses ONLY!
We had a “girls can wear pedal pushers to school” day, when I was in Junior High, and I remember my old English teacher clucking and tsking, saying how trampy and boyish we all looked.:teehee:

well, what about long underwear?
Soldiers had that.

I don’t know much about cold and it’s effex on the body, being a southerner all my life.
I lived up nort’ one year, and didn’t understand what was happening to me, as my face slowly stopped moving, while I walked along Lake Michigan during January.

ha ha!

How in the world would you translate the type and amount of yarn to be used with those size 13 double points? What is a size 13 double point anyway? surely not our size 13 to be used with fingering weight yarn?

It wasn’t only the cold in Europe, figure they also marched all over Europe in just 3 years. I bet army pants from the '40s wore on your knees.

When I was looking at the site with the flapper designs I got to wondering why everyone was flat chested. I found out they would bind themselves.
Imagine anyone keeping that style going

My nephew would never wear white socks except for gym class. For me and my brother you were a complete dork if you ever wore anything else but white over the calf tube socks.

I think the socks with sandals might be a comfort thing. I’ve known people who knew better that started doing that. As you age you stop caring what others think. First it starts around the house and then it gradually moves into public.
I wear sweats around the house all the time, when I’m 60 or 70 I’ll probably wear them everywhere.

Women easily pull off some of the knit patterns from the '60’s/'70’s. I find that the ones I like and want to make for my sister, nieces or great nieces are those types of patterns.

Another example is, looking at some of the hippies from the 60’s who never made the transition to adult hood.

I resemble that remark :slight_smile: (I’ve since gone bald and shaved my head.)

Oh, yes, Photolady. I remember dress codes. Girls in dresses and skirts only (with tops too of course:teehee: ). Boys in slacks–NO BLUE JEANS!
Once a year the girls got to wear slacks and the boys could wear blue jeans. Some “rebel” had to kill that special day by wearing --!!!GASP!!!–:shock: BELL BOTTOMS. So it was back to the strict dress code for a couple of years. I think I was in the 6th grade when the girls were “allowed” to wear pants to school at any time.
Hey, Mike, love that picture! Were you wearing your Earth shoes? LOL. If it was the 70’s, I know I was. :teehee:

My favorite is the men’s swimsuit. :rofl: The over-the-knee socks I might actually like - they would go nicely with a shorter skirt.:wink:
Cool website. Thanks for sharing!

ha ha ha! LACY long johns for soldiers!

oooo! I missed that one!

Yeah, I’m hoping to start wearing my elastic waistband up to my underarms height! As I shop through WalMart.

Looks like the company is from New Zealand so I imagine they’re talking about UK No. 13 which is equivalent to a 2.25mm or US No. 1. I inherited a lot of knitting needles from my grandmother and most of them were sized using the UK system. It took me forever to figure out why I wasn’t getting gauge on a lot of my projects. :slight_smile:

If you’re old enough I think that will qualify as the binding the flappers did in the '20s :roflhard:

I actually have a pair of socks that long that I got in Germany, and loved wearing them during cold weather. They are cute, too, with hearts made with studs all the way up the back.
I wore holes in them, but I can’t bear to toss them. I’ll have to try to darn them someday.

From what I saw, last time I went to a water park, men NEED to wear these types of bathing suits!