1940s lace pattern

Hi all ,it is me again . Stuck once more.

So I am working on the front (I have uploaded) Of I patter31,bind off 25 pattern to end this leaves me with 58 stitches? It then states work on 31 stitches? Totally :confused:

What if the name and source for this pattern? The original photo is very pretty but the source might help too.
For the Front, the idea is to bind off the center sts and work on one shoulder at a time. If you start with 87sts, pattern across 31sts, bind off the center 25 and then work across the remaining sts to the end of row. That will leave you with 31sts on either side of the center bind off (31…25…31)
It may help to mark off the center 25sts before you begin the row.

Thank you again ,so do I need another stitch holder or can this be done just by moving the other side further down the needle ?

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Sometimes you can just leave the part you are not working on the needle and ignore it. Sometimes though, if you need to work onemside quite a bit, you might find it starts pulling a bit with the 2 lengths of fabric being more and more uneven. You can start with it on the needle and see how you go and you can slip the stitches to a holder if needed.
If you don’t have another stitch holder you can use a tapestry needle and a spare piece of yarn or embroidery thread or very thin ribbon through the stitches, knot the scrap yarn ends together so they don’t come undone, or a slip not with a removable stitch marker or safety pin in it will stop it coming undone.

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Tank you creations .
Been to busy to do any knitting. Sorry for latte response :sweat_smile:

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