19,000 yards

That’s about how much yarn is in my stash! :shock: :woot: I made a spreadsheet with all my yarn (brand, type, color, yardage, weight, etc) and was surprised to see I had that much!!

Oh and I have just over 4,400 in mmmmalabrigo! :cheering:



So, um, where exactly do you live?

See, I love the attitude with which you embrace your stash. Where some would be like “too much, must diet!”, you, you do the clappy smiley! :cheering:


Can I come over and play with your Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm? Pleeeeeeeease? :teehee:

:muah: :hug:

Nadja xxx

See, I love the attitude with which you embrace your stash. Where some would be like “too much, must diet!”, you, you do the clappy smiley! :cheering:[/quote]

That’s why I could never join the stash buster thread. I like my stash ans it always needs new friends!

So, with all that yarn are you planning on knitting a sweater for an elephant?

:eyebrow: :eyebrow: :eyebrow:
It’s just like my instructor at college told me Thursday~~


That’s so awsome! Share your secerets, oh great stash sensei :notworthy:

I feel bad, I’m supposed to be stash busing… :teehee:


:teehee: It’s kind of all spread out in different parts of my closet. So it doesn’t seem like a lot. A lot of it has been purchased through a sale that enablers, eh um, I mean people have posted about here. Things like the lace weight yarn is over 400 yards for one skein but is so tiny!

And I figure I really can’t ever have TOO much mmmmm!!

Anyway, my name is Kristin and I am a yarn addict! :cheering: [size=1](and proud of it!) [/size]

:notworthy: OMgoodness.

hee hee… too cool… you’ve inspired me to see how much i have in my stash. I now have something fun to do this morning :cheering:

Oh yeah. I love me some stash. Good for you!

very cool! Maybe one day I’ll try to see how much I have…I’d have to keep it quiet though–that’s all I need is for dh to find out how much yarn I REALLY have!! :rofl:

Wow, I can’t exactly visualize how much that is but I’m glad you’re happy.

I am a little concerned about the whole spread sheet thing. You must be totally organized. Like, totally. :shock:

DH has no idea there is that much!! He would freak out!!

newamy - actually I am far from organized. It has taken me a long time to do the spreadsheet. I actually was determined to finish the other day.

If anyone wants to use a blank copy let me know!!

I hope my stash grows up to be just like yours! :rofl:

Did you create a basic Excel spread sheet? Did you imput variables that automatically calculate yardage per brand/ type/color & then another for total yardage? Just curious as I play around in Excel.

Hmmm. I’m wondering… I may use your spreadsheet idea and create an Access database. That way, I can create a template form to enter the data. I then can create easier to manage reports as well as select yarns by yardage, weight, type, recommended needle size, gauge, color, company, when purchased, LYS or Internet.

Off to see if someone already has such a program out there already so I don’t waste time reinventing the wheel.

[color=blue]ETA: There is a product called: NeedleTrax that does all I mentioned & more. [/color]

It’s nothing too fancy. I just have a field for # of skeins and then a field for yardage per skein. Then next to that I put the total (well I used a formula). Very simple. I got the idea from someone’s blog. She had the spreadsheet she used and I customized it for me.