1898 hat

Really excited to try knitting this hat!
Free on ravelry and I found this video
To make it clear.

That looks wonderful. I’ve made the 1898 hat and it is enjoyable to work.

It looks fun and very warm.
Perfect for the charity! I am also making
The pink elephants hat from ravelry. Couldn’t
Resist. Will see what it turns out like. Hopefully
Someone will get a kick out of it!

I just added the pink elephant hat to my favorites. Who could resist?


This is a really nice hat. Fun to make too. I think you’ll enjoy it. My grandson likes his.

:yum:Look how hard you made salmonmac work. Tsk tsk. You gotta know we gotta see the pattern you mention.

That is a cute hat! Thanks for mentioning it.

Oh someone got out of the wrong side of the bed Grumpy.
Remember I am the person who saw ‘pink elephants’.:wink:

Question please… about the 1898 hat. I have completed the band…yippee! Confused on the best way to p/u the sts.
The pattern says thru the ‘bar’…the video doesn’t seem to do that. Then there are the slip st loops.

Your sage advice is required.

I have since used a small crochet hook to p/u the front and back loops…then onto the needle. It is beautiful and it could not get any smoother.

I tried a few under the ‘bar’ as noted in the pattern. It made a small wedge inside which I don’t think would be comfortable. No wedge with the loop method.

This is a long process…likely will be two hours. But worth it!

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Sage. Best used in turkey stuffing. Maybe burning some would satiate The Frog and ensure fewer mistakes. roflmao I was seeing pink elephants too.
You’re sure I even got out of bed?

In response to your query re picking up stitches I would have suggested that you mess around with it and then do whatever works. I get so hung up on doing things exactly the right way ya know.

I wanna see your hat WIP!!! Please post a photo.

Only for you! :grinning:

. One pix of the inside to see the smoothness of the added sts. No bulging.:+1::+1: i will have to adjust the sts to the correct way first row. Many seem twisted. But that’s ok.
My conundrum now is colour. I don’t like grey. I bought it simply because I needed a guy colour that wasn’t too dark for these eyes. Now wondering if I should add a stripe of colour. Course my choice is the pretty aqua…kinda defeats the guy purpose.
See we have two sons, and one grandson. Only girls are our two dogs. So my hats have been girl colours pretty much.
Oh the trials and tribulations.

Oh yes, sage and poultry seasoning for dressing…but no turkey for me…vegan all the way.

You know, I love the grey. I’m usually wild about color and more color but this is such a lovely, pearly grey. Maybe you could ask the recipient (that is if you’re not tempted to keep it for yourself)?
The hat I made was in day-glo orange. Won’t be able to miss that one coming along.

Oh I love colours! Do you have a pix?
I have dark purple. So hopefully a guy would
Wear it as a stripe. Just something since such a plain pattern.
I make them for charity. Every one different colours, patterns, sizes…for kids to adult.
I really like this pattern since it would be so warm.

Oh I am in my happy place now. Purple just pops.
Too bad my pretty green marker couldn’t stay on.

Well either the pretty aqua or the dark purple would look great with grey. Trying out different patterns is a a wonderful way to experiment with stitches and colors.
Here’s the Orange Crush in all its glory:

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That is truly striking! Thanks salmonmac!

How did you pick up your sts when the brim was done?

I picked up one bar in the front and one in the back (likely the front bar in each case).

Love that gray!!! The purple does pop but I think it will still be very suitable for a dude. Why does it make me think of the Downton Abbey hat?

Since we’re doing show and tell I’ll attach a photo of the one I did for my son in Mallard Teal. Apparently I failed to get a photo of the one for my grandson done in some pumpkin spice or similar color.

And thanks for the photos and fun. My car wouldn’t start earlier and I was really stressed out. At least it was just a dead battery and my neighbor helped me get it running.

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Love love love your hat. Orange is my grandson’s fave color. I don’t really like it much myself but for him I’ll do orange.

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