18 year old knitter

i just started a week ago and i can use all the help i can get:woohoo::happydance:

Welcome :hug:There are great videos here (thank you, Amy :muah:) and a great bunch of knitters, always ready to help!

Welcome to the forum. I have received very good advice here. Amy’s videos are a life saver.

Welcome! You’re in the right place for help. Great folks here (they even put up with me).

Definitely the right place!! Welcome!!

Welcome, welcome, welcome!

Welcome - the folks here are wonderful (basically this site has taught me how to knit). Ask any questions you have and you will be sure to get a prompt, helpful answer! :cheering:

Welcome to the forum! We have a lot of young people here, too so you have lots of company. :wink: Take a look around and see what all the other forums are for and jump right in! :cheering:

Yay for teen knitting!

This is easily the best knitting website/forum I have ever been a part of. Any question you have will be resolved here, if you ask.