1600 St WIP is an FO! Pics-pg 2

Mary, your FO’s are always drop dead gorgeous! I also can’t imagine 1600 stitches, but you’ve certainly got the talent for it.

Is that a grandkiddy as your avatar? She’s very cute.

Thanks, Deb! Yes, that’s my sweetiepie, Maddi! I get to have her this weekend and we are gonna have FUN!!!

Another tablecloth (circular lace beauty)! It’s another adaptation/extended pattern I’ll be posting on Ravelry! I need to extend my blocking board to get it on there, not sure what size it’ll be at this point.

Mary, you are amazing! How long is that needle? That is going to be gorgeous.

It’s a 60" cable on my new Harmonies!

[FONT=“Comic Sans MS”]Wow 1600 stitches that makes my head hurt just thinking about it but from the picture it looks great can’t wait to see what it is[/FONT]

:yay: You should be blushing :aww: i sure would be :slight_smile:

I know whatcha mean… I have to have an empty house and total solitude to get in the “Bind Off” mode. Maybe we should just have a “Block” party! :teehee:

OMG! I just checked it out on Ravelry, does it really take 4,275 yards??? And on size 6 needles??? That can’t be right…is it?


:rofl: Yep that’s right…It’s a circular shawl that should be 72" in diameter when I get it done…I’ve been working on it since June '07…off and on though…now it’s ready to start the border but I read somewhere (ravelry/yahoo) that the border takes longer to do…so I just put it up till I was ready to tackle that part :teehee:

I looks like it flairs out twice, so how many stitches do the flairs have?

I’m guessing (until I can drag out my notes)…but I think the first flare is just the change in the design of the body…the last flare/border is worked I think over 32 sts…A lot have changed the border on raverly, and I thought about it…'cause I’d love to have it done…but then was afraid I’d regret not making it like the pattern 'cause I really like that border too.

The border set up is different from other borders I have done…they say you have to hold the shawl and then the other needle you CO the sts to, like oars to a boat and start going around that way (another reason why I haven’t started with 2 kids it’s hard to find a quiet moment to think and I need that to get this one started…)

The knitting of the pattern was easy…my mom is also making one and this was/is her first lace project…:happydance:

Now that sounds interesting and even simpler than a regular bind off.

I know that you can’t wait to cast off! The pattern is beautiful!

Thank goodness. I was getting woozy just thinking about having to count them!

I did a corkscrew scarf (oh Irony, refer to my corkscrew stab…), started with 120 stitches and should have ended up with 1986, but somehow there were more than that, and I can tell you, it took me about 3 hours to purl back…

YIKES! Those get extremely heavy, too! It took me about 4 hours to bind this one off but now it’s done!!! Pics in following post!

Finally got this baby done, off the needles and blocked! :woohoo: :woot: This one is 68" in diameter. Hope you all like it!

Oh Mary, that is so beautiful!

The scalloped edges set it off just right . . . I can’t imagine all the concentration that the bind-off took.

Wow. Speechless. That is absolutely gorgeous. :cheering: Absolutely gorgeous.

I was amazed at how short of time it took on this one. Guess after the extremely long “Hemlock Ring” bind off it was easier. I actually had the grandbaby this weekend and was able to do it during her naps.