1600 St WIP is an FO! Pics-pg 2

:knitting: Ever wonder what 1600 sts on the needles looks like??? :flirt:
Believe me, it’s ALOT!!! I’m on the finishing rounds and it will be an FO soon… :woot:


I don’t think I could stand it. Whatever it is, though, it’s very pretty. :teehee:

LOL! It only has 3 rounds that are 1600 sts, thank heavens! Takes about an hour to do one of the pattern rounds at this point! The knitted rounds are alot faster.

Wow Mary, I would not have the patience for that. It looks beautiful and now I look forward to seeing it finished.

Sixteen. Hundred. Stitches. :zombie: That would take me forever!

1489, 1490, 1491… Tee hee! Now, where is that bottle of ibuprophen??? LOL!

Holy cow! I cannot imagine 1600 stitches, but it looks very pretty!

Only one word would describe it right now, OUCH!!!

I have whiplash so I can’t knit at all, and there you are knitting 1,600 stitches per row!!!

You are one brave woman and a very talented knitter! Keep up the good work and PLEASE post a picture of this FO for us. I really want to see what it looks like.

There’s only one thing I can say…nope, can’t even say it.:passedout:

Ouch is right! Poor baby, hope you’ll be better soon. :muah: (Love that signature!)


It looks beautiful so far!!! 1600 sts :passedout:!

:zombie: Hoo boy… I’d need something ALOT stronger than Ibuprophen!!:clink:

Looks like it is going to be gorgeous!

:roflhard: :blooby: :hair:

That’s gorgeous, what is it? I’m doing a circular baby blanket right now- not NEARLY 1600 stitches, but it’s pretty tight on my 40" circ at the moment and fairly difficult to move the stitches around!

Looks beautiful! But wouldn’t it be TERRIBLE if you lost track of how many stitches you’d done somewhere in the middle?!

Not gonna happen, LadyFirelyght! I have markers placed between each set of 8 repeats, so I don’t actually have to count up to 1600. I’d be a blithering idiot, LOL!

It is going to look amazing Mary . It is a lot of stitches , But look at what you end up with .
A masterpiece:)

Awww, Rita, ya make me blush! I’m now back to 1440 sts and have done the final round…all that’s left is the bind off!!!

:happydance: I can’t wait to see it!! Soooo pretty

:rofl: When you finish that will you finish my civil war shawl…the thought of blocking all those sts off :wall: …and well that’s why it’s stuck on the needles