16" Size 8 Circular Bamboo Needles

I’ve noticed that a few of the larger Wal-Mart stores near me have started carrying these needles. They seem to be of good quality and I paid $2.44 for a pair. I wish they had them in other sizes though. Just thought I’d let you all know.

yeah I bought some of these a while back, haven’t used them yet though.

I’ve been looking for 9s, any 9s, and woulda bought theese if they’d had something besides 8s. I caved an bought the Boye 9s cause I need them. For what, I’m not sure yet…

I’m a needle snob and will only use Knit Picks circulars now. I like the thin flexible cables. I bought some 29" boyles and had to take them back cause I didnt like the cable.

The regular boye cords are fine, they’re what I’m used to :shrug: I have some interchangeable cords and tips, including the 9, but it’s too awkward for knitting straight and it’s mostly because of the join at the ends of the cord. They work fine for hats though.