15 Balls of yarn for $20!

Woohoo!! Talk about lucky! I’ve been mulling over the idea of knitting myself a lap blanket for a while now. I ALMOST bought the yarn for it half a dozen times. But for the price of the yarn, I could buy one already made just as easily and I already had some projects going so I figured I’d wait until I’d finished the current ones before adding any more.

Then yesterday I was just “browsing” (I WAS!! HONEST!!) through the yarn isle at The Warehouse (sean sheep yarn – found here http://www.seansheep.co.nz ) and I noticed they had a sale. For every two balls of yarn you buy, get one free. They were on sale for only $2 per 50g ball (probably to get rid of stock so they could add more in). So I got 15 balls suitable for making a lap blanket and got 5 of those for free. Woohoo!! :cheering: I’m pretty happy with that!

what a fantastic deal!

Wonderful value. Have you used any of the ‘Naturally’ yarns from NZ?

That link didn’t work for me sorry.

The link doesn’t work for me either. :crying:

Anyone have any success? Can you buy this in the US?

I had to google sean sheep to get to the website. It looks like its only available in certain stores, right? That’s a shame, it looks like pretty nice material.

I doubt it’s likely to be sold overseas much… The Warehouse is like K-Mart, but even more so. Most of the wools are a bit plasticky in a cheap and squeaky way, there are some I like and have bought, but for the most part you’re not missing out on anything. Certainly not if you live in the US and have access to so much great stuff. Are any of those shops common in the US? I personally would say it’s the NZ equivalent of Lion Brand… although there are good lines, there’s better stuff out there. I do like the colours in their acrylic mohair, ribbons, metallic streak in a wool, and some of the uneven chunky-textured stuff though…

Have you seen some of Sean Sheep’s new stuff, redwitch? When it first came out, I didn’t care for it but they’ve introduced some “new” lines of wool and I quite like that.

I do agree, however, that in comparison to the stuff you can get in the states it by far is no match. If I had a choice between Sean Sheep and the many brands you can buy in the US, I’d pick the US stuff every time.

My mother sends me wool from the states and it’s much better in quality than anything we can get here. :slight_smile: