$142 + $8 = 2 weeks groceries

I just got back from shopping for Thanksgiving. I spent $142 trying to give my family a passibly acceptable Thanksgiving meal. Problem is, I’ve got $8 bucks left out of my grocery budget to buy meals for the other 13 days of the next 2 weeks. My budget doesn’t grow just because the week contains a holiday!
I’m glad there will be plenty of leftovers! We’re gonna need 'em!

Now, how to survive until Thursday on air and water… :teehee:

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I know what you mean- it’s so hard to fit holidays into already strained budgets!

Crazy isn’t it?! :zombie: We spent $130 or so when we went, too. Freeze some of the left overs so they will last for that long. You’d hate to have to toss stuff that will help tide you over.

I know what you mean. I hate holiday food shopping for just that reason. Its a struggle to keep within the food budget in a regular month!

We are going away for Thanksgiving. I don’t have to buy a thing! My parents are putting everyone up in a hotel for 3 days. :cheering: Otherwise, I’d be in the same boat. :sad:

lucky!!! :cheering: Even if I “go away” for Thanksgiving I spend a ton of money on all the things I have to bring. i.e. - this year I am bringing baked macaroni and cheese, cranberry cheesecake, a tofurkey for vegetarian eaters and vegetarian gravy. Not to mention my son’s birthday was just this last Sunday and we’re having a party/dinner this weekend for him and that means more money for more food.

Usually I only cook for 2, so hosting a big dinner really changes the grocery bill. I started picking things up about a month ago, this week I just have to get the turkey and some apples for pie. Planning ahead helps keep my costs under control and also stops my impulse spending at the last minute.

$8 only has to last to Wednesday. Thursday you’ll be picking while stuff is cooking. After that you’ll be having turkey sandwiches for 2 weeks.

$8 will buy you 2, 8 packs of microwave burritos.

Wow - that’s a lot !! I heard on the news this morning that it should only cost $46 to feed 10 people Thanksgiving dinner:roflhard: I’ve never had to buy the entire meal but I know I spend enough on the sides I make to take to dinner that it would be almost impossible to spend only $46.

I have always start buying holiday items ahead of time - like in September. That way you only need to add one or two extra items each week or whenever you do your shopping (I do mine weekly). Sometimes you get better prices for things like canned pumpkin for pie or cranberry sauce rather than waiting until the week of the holiday. Sometimes I even buy my frozen turkey in September when I may have some extra money. I only wait for specials on things like fresh cranberries or fresh sweet potatoes which are only about $.38 a lb at Walmart this week…or specials on Cool Whip and stuffing mixes BOGO also this week and probably thru Christmas. When my daughter has family gatherings, everybody brings something for the meal. That way no one household has to foot the entire expense.

This makes me wonder if my mom has been shopping for Thanksgiving yet. I should really check with her and see if she needs me to pick anything up. I am going to help her cook a little bit, but now that I am old enough, I feel like I could help with the grocery bill, too.

Having to use all your grocery money for holiday meals is hard, I know! Make soup with some of the leftovers and freeze it. It will go a long way! I do that every holiday and usually end up with enough meals for 10 days! Good luck!

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From all the mothers, :muah: :hug: :heart: , THANK YOU!

You must clone yourself, immediately!


OH, yeah! Bird carcass makes GREAT soup! YUM-O! I start the stock immediately after the meal is finished. (Put away the leftovers, carve the meat off the bird, put the bones in the pot!) It simmers on the back burner while I clean up the kitchen. I strain and freeze/refrig right before I go to bed. Next day, bird soup! Usually with rice/wild rice and tons of veggies. Leftover gravy and even leftover stuffing has been known to make an appearance in the soup.

My family is not huge soup fans, but it’s my very favorite thing to make in the whole wide world (seriously. I could make a different soup every day for the rest of my life and be perfectly content.)

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I always make bird soup too! Mmmmm, that’s my favorite food, too. This year we’re not cooking, we’re going out. :frowning: My coworker took pity on me and let me have the bones from our office thanksgiving feast! She and I usually fight over them. :slight_smile:

$46 to feed 10 people. HA! That’s a good one.

My mom always makes “carcass soup” as my nephew calls it. We have dinner at my house and everyone brings something, but mom cooks the turkey the day before and I carves the meat off and I pick it up in order to warm it before serving. Keeps me out of the kitchen a little longer. We haven’t mastered the Thanksgiving “masacree” yet, but we’ll get there. Sorry, an “Alice’s Restaurant” reference. Can’t help myself. I love that song.

You know, why do any of you who don’t have the monetary means go to the trouble of trying to make a wonderful holiday dinner? Okay, so why doesn’t the whole family dedicate their time and/or money to volunteering at a homeless shelter where food is dished out? I don’t like hearing this about the younger American. If you cannot afford it; ;then don’t do it.

I stockpile nonperishables that we eat a lot like canned veggies and flour and yeast and things like that. Slice and freeze leftover turkey for sandwiches and dinners later. I think you can freeze mashed potatoes, too, and other leftovers. Soup is always a great thing to make with leftovers and it’s yummy when it’s cold. I think your family should have a nice holiday meal.

Well, I guess you could call me “younger.” I’m a nearly 50 year old grandmother of six. And I cook because I have a family. I cook because they ask me to, even asking for specific dishes that are their favorites. I cook because it is an expression of my love.
As for volunteering, I think it’s a great idea! And if your family can give up their celebration together for doing this instead, more power to you. But, because my children are grown, I don’t see them daily and this is our one and only time together. So, I’m going to be selfish and spend it with them.


:whoosh: Oh really. What are they feeding people? Beans and rice?