14" Needle

I am using a 14" needle and I currently have 123 stitches on it. I did the math on my pattern and by the end of it I will have 283 stitches. Do you think my needles will be able to hold that many stitches?


If the stitches get too crowded, you can always switch to a circular needle in a 29" or 32" length.

I’d definitely go with the circular needle. Even if somehow you were able to squeeze all those stitches on a needle (doubtful), it will be very heavy and awkward.

According to my calculations, if the current 123 stitches takes up 5.6" or less of the 13 inches of usable needle length, you should be okay and all the stitches will fit.

I remember knitting a blanket on straights once…needless to say, not fun at all. I’d go for circulars. You can fit more stitches on there and it’s easier on your wrists. Happy Knitting! :knitting:

I’d consider switching to circulars, too.