13 skeins Noro Kureyon


Cant you just exchange it for something you want…? If not, I hope you can sell it…Sissy

I don’t know where you got your Noro, but you may have trouble selling it for that price… check ebay for what Noro is going for.

Good Luck!

Hi Sissy. A trade would be great. Any suggestions?


Hi GinnyG: Thanks for the heads up. You are right about eBay. Just checked the prices so lowered mine to $68.

Hi. Is this yarn still available?


Well, I did sell the Kureyon on eBay. Similar lisitings ranged from $75 -125. I sold it for $68 + shipping – less than I paid for it, but I was able to buy an equivalent amount of Peruvian wool for only about $12 more. And that’s okay, because I really needed to get started - this sweaters gonna take forever!

The Peruvian wool is softer and it’s in variable shades of brick and burgundy - really pretty.
Have to try self-striping another time. I prefer the Kureyon for felting. I knitted up the remaining sken and felted it- and it’s really gorgeous - in spite of the weird coloration.