13 inch circumference on 12 inch circulars?

Would something with a 13 inch circumference work on 12 inch circular needles? What is the smallest circumference you’ll do on a set of circulars?

It seems like technically it would join, but might not be comfortable to scoot around. I’m used to about 4 inches of “squish,” for lack of a better word.

I do baby hats all the time in worsted on 16" circulars. They tend to be 12-13" circumference.

The problem with circular needles shorter than 16" is that the only way to make them shorter is to shorten the needles rather than the cable. I find my circulars with short needles (3" long, say) to be OK to use, but they are awkward.

Never heard of 12" circulars before. 9" for doing socks, yes.

It’ll work. I know what you mean about “squish,” as in, the stitches seem to scoot themselves around nicely when they’re just a bit crowded. One inch won’t be that much, but it won’t be stretched out, either.

Ok, good to know. I’ll give it a try and see if it drives me crazy. At least it won’t mess up the stitches.

If you use two circular needle with the Cat Bordhi method when you knit socks top down, you can decrease infinitely or with Magic Loop method, you can do the same thing.

Either method you are not using the whole length of the needle and you can look these methods up on YouTube.

Cat Bordhi for her two circulars method or Knit Freedom for her Magic Loop method. Yes, there are other who teach these method and with either you are not knitting in one tight little circle as with circulars of a certain length.