12mm knitting

I have just finished knitting a quick sweater on 12mm straight needles. The wool is “collinette” point 5 and looks like its been knitted directly off the sheep. Or picked off the fence of a sheep field. It’s sort of very thin in places and bulky in other places. Is it ok to block this kind of wool with steam or a damp towel? I have never blocked knitting before. The other sweater I just completed was blocked and sewn up by a lady who can do this sort of thing. The other thing is, I haven’t knitted the neck yet and the pattern says to make up sweater and complete by circular needles for the neck. Could I use three or four double pointed needles instead of the circular needle? Thanks.

Yes, you can use dpns if you have them in that size. For ‘blocking’ all you really need to do is wash it and let it dry flat. You’ll have to wash it sometime anyway so may as well start out with it nice and fresh.

Yes, washing, especially with a yarn that varies in thickness will work. Or you could pin it out and spritz it with water from a spray bottle or use the damp towel method. I think the steam iron can be more of a problem to use. You have to be careful about heat level, time, and closeness to the sweater.