12'' vs double Points

I have to say today I ignored what everyone has been telling me about 12’’ cirulars and tracked down a pair of addi turbo size 8 12" needles. and I am loving them! I HATE HATE HATE double points. I think it may be easier for me to use the shorter circular because I knit continental… Anyone else have any input on that?
This is also my first and probably only pair of addi’s. I like them a lot, but I just got the denise interchangeables. They just didn’t have a cable that small.

I’m a very new knitter struggling with DPs. I have a set of Denise’s on the way as well. I don’t have advice for you but I’m following this thread to see what everyone else has to say! Great question!

For very small diameter circular knitting, you wouldn’t be able to use a 12" circular needle because your tube of knitting would end up too large. But you also don’t have to use double pointed needles! You can use the magic loop method with a longer circular needle cord or you can use the two circular needles method. I think both are demonstrated in videos on this site under Advanced Techniques.

she’s right, and magic loop is easy, too! i think you said you have the Denise interchangeable set. If you do, just extend the cables so the are about 32" or longer (depending on your project).

i have used 12 inch circs and they were fine but i pretty much only use 2 circs when i am doing small diameter knitting. easier to control for me since i knit almost only on the go. i had multiple sets of the denise needles so i could do two circ knitting and now i have multiples of the options so i can do the same thing. :thumbsup: