12" circular needles

I am having a hard time finding someplace to purchase 12" circular needles in US #8 without spending a fortune. :pout: Anybody have a good website I might try?

I don’t know what your price range is, but Webs has Addis in that size.



12 " needles can be hard to work with. If you are doing something small in circumference I would suggest using two circulars, ML or DPNs. It will help your work go better than trying to fumble with such a short circular. Just MVHO :slight_smile:

http://www.knithappens.net they are having sale on size 12 addi now

check it out

I got my 12 inch addi’s from Kaleidoscope Yarns

Thank you all for the help! The price on KnitHappens, suggested by Hello Kitty, was the best priced and definitely within my price range, but unfortunately for me, they are sold out of the size 8s! Guess I’ll just keep an eye on the website in hopes of them getting more stock in soon.

Have you tried Ebay?

Yes, I tried that first, and right now the only 12" sets are in #3 and #4. I do have a note in to the seller to see if they can obtain #8, but I only posted that note this a.m., so no word yet.

Beware- 12" Circulars are very uncomfortable. (Ask me how I kow).

I bought 12" addi’s from Jeff on Ebay. I am probably in the minority, but I love my 12" circulars for sleeves. I don’t think the are uncomfortable at all. You won’t know until you try it yourself.


Taa Daa!! I found 11" circular needles (who knew they made them in that size? They’re Boye) at JoAnn’s online store! :cheering: They range in price from $5.19-$6.99, so the price was definitely right. I also got some yarn so I could bring the price up to get free shipping… :woot: