12" circs

I have fallen in love with circular knitting! I recently bought the Options set and was disappointed to learn KnitPicks doesn’t sell the shorter cables. Where can I find circulars short enough for hat knitting?

My Walmart has some short enough to do hats.
You can also use a longer cable and do magic loop. And then there’s DPNs if you’re not opposed to them.

I find the shorter lengths of needles really hard to knit on. My favorite small-circumference knitting method is two circs.
I have one circ shorter than 12" (don’t remember exactly how long it is; I now use it as a really expensive stitch holder), and I’ll never spend money on anything shorter than 18" again.

So my point is, see if you can try out a short needle before you spend money on one. They aren’t for everybody.

I have to second jess_hawk’s advice. I personally prefer knitting hats on 16" circulars and switching to dpns when the decreased stitches are few enough to just reach around the circular.

The reason Options don’t have a shorter cable is because the needles themselves are too long. The shorter cables require a shorter needle to make the circle. You can buy the 16" circulars for a very reasonable price on KP, too.

As for 12 inch… too hard on the hands. I’ve mostly using Magic Loop (or two circular needles) so I don’t have to switch to another method for the top of the hat.

sorry, I do not shop US-equipment so i do not know for sure:

can you replace the cable on your circs?
do you have a different (thinner) needle size as well?
just make 2 sets: one side with your regular knitting size for the project, the other side with a smaller needle (pretty much doesn’t matter how small).

Then knit with the regular size and knit off of the thinner end, using 2 sets of circs of which ever length. that makes it work out through the whole decrease, too.

or just use dpn. I love them, really.

I have a set of 12" circs made by Addi. I purchased at my LYS but I think you can probably find them online as well. I use them because I find they’re convenient, but they also give me a pain in my hand.