12/8 Good Morning

it’s going to be rainy today. ugh. I need to run out and exchange something at lunch.
No knitting last night. Hope ya’ll got some in.
I did have power tho! :happydance:

Morning, Tigger!

It is going to be yucky here today. And that wind is just COLD! I don’t think the really heavy rain is supposed to move in until this afternoon, so maybe you can get your errands done before it hits!

I hope you get in some knitting today!

We’re getting what is today’s rain for you tomorrow in the form of snow. For my part of CT 4-8". Ordinairily that doesn’t bother me but I have to drive to Stamford tomorrow (2 hr. drive along I-95 under the best of conditions.) :frowning:

angelia, i love your island of misfit toys avatar!
Oh that would be great if the rain held off. I’ll be running out from 11-noon.
ugh Jeremy, that’s not good!!
maybe they will close everything.
do they do that in your area?

Thanks! I love them. That scene makes me cry every single year!

I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you! At least we’re not getting the snow they predicted earlier in the week. You know what happens here when we get snow…

Yes, Jeremy…that trip sounds very scary! I’m worried for you now. But I guess you’re fairly well equipped for snow there, though. If we get even an inch here, everything closes! :smiley:

Mannnn … doesn’t today suck… ugh

Okay … so it’s snowing… so we knew it was coming… so we have a fleet of snow plows… so why didn’t ANY of them go out to plow this morning before there was freaking 50 accidents…

Sometimes I don’t get our government…

NEWAY… didn’t get any knitting done, and probably won’t for a good week… I got the wedding video about 90% done… just got to add the Reception, some graphics and titles and burn to DVD :slight_smile: Which is good, cause then I can get paid for it :slight_smile:

ya’ll are brave up there. we just sit home til it clears in most cases. of course we don’t have snow plows cause we normally don’t have snow. if we do, it’susually off days from schools and work as we also don’t have chains for the tires. HOWEVER, some folks have to get out in it, such as hospital workers etc. I used to work for a hospital and we were snowed in for 5 nights. We were lucky our boss kept an apartment across the street where the interns ususally rented, so we worked 12 hour shifts, went to the apt and washed our uniforms and she’d provided scrubs for us to sleep in and we’d sleep til our time to go into work. the other hospital personnel were all grabbing an empty gurnies they could find etc, stinky from wearing the same clothes so many days in a row!

we’re supposed to have some serious snow here today too. I HATE winter!

yeah we are on the tail end of it … you guys will get what texas got yesterday… supposed to be pretty bad…

yep… :rollseyes: here is our lovely forecast: “Periods of heavy snow likely this afternoon. Snowfall rates of an inch or more per hour. High 31F. Winds E at 10 to 15 mph. Chance of snow 80%. Snow accumulating 2 to 4 inches.”

sneaking in to report
… it’s supposed to be 68-70 today here, some clouds, but generally nice. :devil:
sneaking out before getting plastered with tomatoes

jan, you mean plastered with SNOWBALLS!
we visited california earlier this year and I fell in love with CATALINA ISLAND. wow, what a nice place!


I fullly intend on moving in the next couple of years…some where with little/no chance of snow…EVER! I love So. Cal… but so far AZ has my top vote for FPTL (future place to live)

[color=blue]Just thought I would add my 2 cents worth of weather lol
Will be my first drive in snow since the accident… am a little nervous. We are seriously considering a warmer climate too! :cheering:
Take care and drive safe :wink:
southern maine

Sounds like an excellent time to stay in! NO need to go out today, right?


I fullly intend on moving in the next couple of years…some where with little/no chance of snow…EVER! I love So. Cal… but so far AZ has my top vote for FPTL (future place to live)[/quote]

I don’t think I could live in AZ…too dang hot in the summer and it’s got all that sand and cactus. Heh…not a desert fan, can you tell? I’ll bet it would be a LOT cheaper to buy a condo/house in though!

Heh, yeah I guess snowballs is more appropriate. :wink: Catalina Island is a fun place to go … Not much to do for more than a weekend though. :wink: My DH goes over there with our boat (sail) several times a year.

we visited in July one year so we could see if we could do it. It really is a dry heat! Much better than 90 with 90+ humidity like we get here in the summer.

Yes, that does help. I can do 90 for a short time, it’s the 110 ± for weeks that would kill me. I don’t handle heat well. My MIL lives in Tucson and I don’t like that area, but there are some nice areas around Phoenix.

My brother lives in Phoenix, it is unbearably hot there. I really like the weather here, you get real seasons but nothing really cold or hot. Summers are beautiful. The only thing that sucks is it is often windy. Our forcast for the next 3 days is high of 30 today, 40 tomorrow and 45 the day after. So our snow won’t last for long.

Well, my younger son came down with croup, we have a Dr appt this afternoon and my dh finally succombed to the cold. So now we are all sick. Ugh.

Y’all are gonna think I’m crazy {or else this post will remove all doubt! :roflhard: }, but I’m wishing for snow. Please allow me to explain!!! Our temperature all morning has been hovering between -13 and -18°C {about 0 and 10°F} with wind chill of -25 to -30°C {about -15 to -20°F}. This is the warmest we’ve been in probably about 2 weeks. A good snow fall means that our temperature will most likely rise up 5 to 10° or maybe even warmer.

wishing she was working on a pair of wool slippers for herself instead of Christmas presents