12/7 Good Morning!

How is everyone today? our power was still off when I got home and didn’t come on until 7 or 7:30 pm. there was at least 50 trucks up and down our neighborhood and the highway. apparently our area grew so much, the strain on the power line made it melt! so they put two lines in and had worked throughout the day and evening. The christmas lights didn’t help either. :smiley: luckily we have a gas log fireplace and it kept the house moderately warm in the other rooms and very warm in the family room it’s located in.

anyway, no knitting for me last night.

Good Morning All

I get to stay home and knit today. It’s very cold at minus 20 and wind chill of minus 42 ! The dogs don’t want to go out and neither do I ! :wink:

Have a great day !!

brrrr!!! what kind of dogs do you have?? we have a maltese and he’s such a sweetie. he’s only 4 months old but has stolen our hearts big time!
DH just called and said POWER IS OUT AGAIN as they are working yet again on it. :rollseyes:
this is getting old.

wyoknitter-I think we have the same storm, the news said it was along the entire front range. We are in Colorado Springs and it is 0 out now, unusually cold with a lot of snow storms this week. My oldest came down with croup day before yesterday so we are all staying inside. Fine by me, I get to work on all sorts of knitting projects!

Bought my first set of Addi Turbos yesterday-size 7 16" circulars. I will be attempting yet another hat for dh. Hopefully this one will fit…

Not much to add this morning, dh and I are both pretty tired from being up with sick kids.

arugula, what happened to the first hat?

that sounds like minnesota weather… :slight_smile:

Let’s see what do we have here:

-9 actual with -20 winchill :slight_smile:

I hate the midwest winter…

Got a few rows done on the scarf last night… hope to get the other 20 done sometime today… but I’m doing some video editing right now for a wedding video… :slight_smile:

it’s a little overdue

Getting colder here in CT too and more snow expected Fri. Not Minnesota or Wyoming but uncomfortable. We have a Maltese too. See her at Cheezy Pet photos from Sunday or Monday.

wow! all you knitters please stay warm!!!

okay day so far. am trying to finish my breakfast then get to the RMAs I didn’t do yesterday.

halfway done with Nana’s first clog.

It was a first project and while it looked good, it was HUGE and a little too short (he has a gigantic head).I tried to felt it a little thinking that would make it fit better but it just got shorter lol. Good man that he is, he insists he likes it but I don’t think it keeps him very warm. Too bad I don’t have a little girl, I’d run a ribbon around the edge, sinch it up and make a beret!

hey norman and jeremy.
Jodi, you mentioned in GM yesterday that you aren’t using pre-made soles. what pattern are you using for the clogs?
arugula, :roflhard: yes, I can see him with the ribboned beret!!

Good afternoon all! Oh my…I couldn’t survive in such COLD weather!! Coastal GA gets far cold enough for me! LOL, since I have this metal in my leg it really attracts cold and I would just FREEZE in your weather…ya’ll stay warm…my son called me last night from Kansas and it was 8 degrees there…we were in the 30s…brrrrrr!!! STAY WARM EVERYONE :wink:

Finished my littel iPod cozy last night (even after my encounter with space invading person) I SSSSooooo didn’t want to get up this morning. Got a visit from Aunt Flow so my body is all full of water and bloaty and squishy. I don’t even want to work on my paper. I only have an hour anyway. Then its off to weekly stich n bitch. This is the last one of the term. I’m the volunteer that meets everyweek. I keep the flow. Make sure everyone plays nice, etc. There’s this woman who just doesn’t get it. Now this SnB takes place in the Women’s Center on campus. Anyone is allowed in the WC as long as you agree to work within the framework of femininism. THis woman has no clue what feminism is about. She says rude things about groups of people (You how Koreans are? :shock: ) or “You young people are so stupid” and then proceeds to tell us how whatever incident SHOULD have gone down. She’s a total know it all. She’s been everywhere (she was in the military) and has an anecdote for everything. I have to remind the group all the time that this is feminist space or I have to redirect conversation to examine biases just laid on the table. It si very tiring. I think next term I should do more directed excercises or something :thinking:

Norman–What state are you in? Iowa or Minnesota? I thought Cedar Rapids is in Iowa.

It is warmer here today. I think it is above 10 now. Yesterday the high was 3.

Rebecca–What part of Kansas is your son at? I am originally from Wichita.


I’m in iowa… I was just commenting that that sounded like minnesota weather… I have a friend that lives up there…

and I thought cedar rapids was in MICHIGAN!!

I’m using the Fiber Trends pattern.

I’ve discovered today that not only am I NOT a morning person, but I cannot wear socks while trying to sleep. Was woken up by the constant banging of a woodpecker on the outside wall, climbed lazily out of bed, and immediately regretted that I couldn’t stay under the covers.
It is SO cold! We have the heat on, but the house is still freezing. I’ve tried to warm up, but figure my only chance to do so would be to take a nice hot bath and soak in the warmth.

My mother’s ex-boyfriend passed away last night from his coma. I don’t know much of the detail of it all, but will probably call my mother to find things out more. Still don’t know how I feel about it, but concidering how much pain he was in beforehand(despite how sudden this was), perhaps he’s in a much better place.

Getting frustrated at my cell phone, as I cannot recieve or get calls because I believe my father has gotten me a new one for Christmas and has yet to send it to me, even though he already activated it. :doh:
I’m probably going to knit a little carrier to keep the new one in once I get it…

Still knitting Christmas Presents.
And I’m wanting that bath now. :slight_smile:

I am pretty disappointed, I am trying to knit my boys sweaters and, being the total cheapskate that I am, was trying to adapt free patterns. It so is not working. On top of that, I was making ds2’s out of a bulky variegated yarn and the colorway produces a big circle (of the same color) in the middle or a thin, vertical stripe in the middle no matter where in the yarn I cast on. So I think it just isn’t going to work and that is disappointing. So, what else can I make out of it (that isn’t a scarf): color 663

The other yarn is: color 32012 I wanted a simple roll neck sweater and I thought it would be comparable to the stripey one someone here did recently with cotton but I can’t seem to get the gauge right. When I use #10 needles, my gauge is more like 21 sts = 4", not 16 like the website says. And they aren’t very tight. So what is going on? I feel really retarded.