12/28 good morning!

how is everyone?? I’m feeling particularly tiggerish today!! :cheering: :cheering: I’m glad, as I’ve been dragging round here for the past couple weeks.
it’s 59 here!!! a little rainy but hey, 59!!
i knitted some last night but tonight plan on taking all my decorations down. ugh, don’t like taking down. love putting up, but hate taking down :frowning:

Good morning! I agree–taking down is the pits. :frowning: It’s cold here, but it’s supposed to be, I guess. I plan a relaxing day! Let’s hope it works out that way.

We need to do recycling as it didn’t get taken to the recycling center last week and is overflowing its space. We also have a few exchanges to make for my girls who got way too small things for the holidays. I’m hoping the rain is over because we have been itching to go out and walk around in our new Crocs before our Disney trip.

Waitin for the cable fixer to show up. I have digital cable with the recorder and for some reason my shows wont play. I hope I don’t lose them when they fix the box :shock:

My son comes home today. Oh well it was nice to see the house clean for a little while :rollseyes: Really, I do miss him, and I fell like he’ll probably be taller and look different (even though he was only gone barely two weeks)

I have been knitting like crazy and I have so much more to do. My cousins loved thier socks, hats and mittens and want more. My Angel hair scarf is just not long enough so I keep making it longer. I finally started Mike Rowes socls with Woolease and I haven’t even started my clogs yet (I got the wool for it weeks ago!)

I should be reading for my core paper but I get sidetracked by all these great novels I got out of the library. Ah so much to do so little time

heading out to Safeway in a few minutes. the rest of the day - just putter around the house - put away the huge pile of my clothes that’s been sitting there for weeks, hook up that DVD player I never got to yesterday, clean like I said I would over a week ago, play around with some yarn…

Recovering from a cold here so I’m just going to take it easy. My daughter’s cold was much worse so I’m glad I didn’t get that one.

I’m thinking of knitting that Lopi Knitting Tote since I have so much WOTA on hand. I may be back with questions. :roflhard:

I’m patiently waiting for my boss to tell me I can go HOME! On a better note, my DH just picked our SUGAR BOWL tickets up! WOOHOO! (both he and I are UGA alums) :cheering: Go Dawgs!

My house is also being professionally cleaned today too! It’s not cheap, so I better be able to see my face in everything when I get home!

Hope everyone has a good day! :smiley:

(and Jan - I made two of the Lopi totes and they are SUPER easy and they went fast! I also made them with WOTA. Maybe one day I will get around to posting pictures…)

Well I got caught up on sleep just in time to go back to work tonight! I got 14 hours on Monday night, and 12 hours last night. Funny thing is that I still feel tired! :shock: DH and I went out to play pool last night, so I didn’t get much knitting done in the evening. I was quite productive once I got my hands to cooperate yesterday morning. I did up the toes in Alex’s socks and got the ends woven in on those. I finished the knitting and did the crocheted thingy on the end of Lissa’s stocking cap and did those ends. I finished up the last of the LB Boucle/Fun Fur scarves and got the ends done on all three.

Today I want to do the thumbs on the girls mittens and see what else I can finish up. I’m still not sure if I like the way Alex’s scarf is coming out. I’m doing the short-row rib from magknits in 2 strands of WW and it’s HUGE! On Friday I want to go to Ram Wools and see what they have on sale for Boxing Week. I want to get a 12" Addi so that I can make her a mini-HP to match her hat. Today is her 2nd birthday, but we’re not going to have her party until Sunday or Monday.

Hubby got the dryer working and started the laundry mountain yesterday, so I better continue on that if I want clean work clothes for tonight! Garbage pickup and mail resumes today, so I want to get all the garbage out to the autobin and if the snow slows down, I need to run to the PO.

Mom and I had a 2-day LYS crawl, so today we’re playing with our new loot. Needles, yarn, patterns, all of it. I need to get some spinning in too, since I went to the trouble of bringing my wheel all the way out here to Iowa. :rollseyes: