12/27 Good Morning

whew, what a wonderful four days off!!!
No grandbaby tho :frowning: but hopefully within this week.
I hope you all had a great and blessed christmas.
I knitted some off and on yesterday, which was a WONDERFUL stress free day for me.
how are you all doing??

Good morning and welcome back! Too bad about the grandbaby. Maybe she’ll arrive tomorrow? That’s my 2 yo DDs birthday! I did a tiny bit of knitting yesterday, but I was so tired I conked out around 2 pm or so and didn’t get up until just before 5 am today! My hands are REALLY bad today so I haven’t done any knitting yet. I’ve got some weaving in to do, so I’ll be able to try that in little 2 minute spurts until the pain goes away.

Good morning!! I had a great weekend of famly get togethers and actually some time at home to hang out and relax (and do laundry). Received some great gift certificates to the LYS and Michaels and I’m dying to get to both of them so I can get started on something new. :XX:
Have to work this week, so I’ll have to sneak out at lunch and try and get to the LYS. Everyone have a good day!


nicole, is it arthritis in your hands, or carpal tunnel syndrome?
bummer on the pain!!
Lisa, I also got some gift cards to HL and I’m dying for a nice sale now so I can spend wisely!!! :inlove:

I have both CTS and tendonitis, so all the knitting {and next to no crocheting} have really been giving my hands and arms a workout. I certainly hope that it isn’t arthritis. At only 34, I do NOT want the pain of arthritis for THAT many more years. I know that I’ve overdone it lately, but I’m hoping with my cutback in hours at work, that I’ll be able to rest my hands some more.

Hey ladies!!

I had a nice day yesterday! I am using my very first pair of circs and LOVE them! I was watching a movie on Lifetime (yeah I know LOL) and knitting away!

Is it just me or do things seem to go faster on them?

I’m getting request from family and friends now for items… YIKES I have a feeling I am going to be very busy knitting for a long time to come!

spent a nice 4 days with CV, since he closed the shop Fri and Mon.
today I got some essentials at Target, and decided to check out an LYS that opened last March or so, but I didn’t have a chance to check out thus far: commuknity.
THE BEST representation of the full Noro line that I have ever seen in person! awesome mix of every yarn you could possibly want, a very complete notion and needle display, GREAT customer service and a truly BEAUTIFUL store. I bought size 11 dpns and 2 skeins of Big Kureyon to make the kitty pi bed.
now to warm up some lucnh, and clean - laundry, the litterbox, the living and dining rooms. if I get around to it I might hook the DVD player up to the bedroom TV.