12/22 Merry Christmas!

Today will be my last day to post until 12/27, so I have to wish you all a very merry christmas.
We will not be having a white christmas. Supposed to be in 60s I believe. going to 50 today.
I’m lucky enough to be off tomorrow and will be spending time with my mother and also getting my house whipped into shape. I’ve neglected my cleaning the past couple of weeks.
I’m hoping to sneak in some knitting, especially on monday. It should be a nice quiet day!!

Hope you have a great Christmas!! :smiley:

Have a great Christmas! I can’t wait to hear what everyone got for Christmas. :smiley:

Have a merry christmas! :slight_smile:


Merry Christmas to everyone too! Hope santa is good to everyone :smiley:
Enjoy your time with the family and friends!~~Lisa

yippee and I hope ya’ll get lots from santa too.
I know everyone has been extra good this year! :shock: :cheering: :wink:

Merry Christmas!! Enjoy your holidays!

Merry Christmas! :heart:

Have a Merry Christmas! :wink:

Merry Christmas!! :happydance:

Merry Christmas Tig!!!
:angelgrin: :angelgrin: :angelgrin: