12/20 Good Morning!

How is everyone doing??
I knitted about 4 rows last night on the booga but did get to the next color change and a round or two on it.
It went down to about 24 last night. brrr.

We are 8 right now but feels like 0 what weather.com says :shock: I know last night the weather man was saying will we stay above 0 tonight?? I went to bed before he answered though :rofling: I’m getting ready for Christmas my knitting is done but need to get some other things done before Sunday gets here. We are going home on Monday so i want the house in perfect order before we leave… However I decided yesterday I needed a Winter purse so did start that got the front panell and 1/2 of the strap done last night… :thumbsup:

It’s cold here today too! And someone just saved me from going outside (long story involving cool whip)

I busted a move last night and completely finished my MIL’s clogs (sans felting, she’ll do that). My Christmas knitting is officially DONE!!! Woo hoo.

Well, I still have to make clogs for my parents, but they were never promised for Christmas and I need a clog break. My hands are still cramped from knitting the outer sole of my MIL’s last night :rollseyes: So onto better knitting!!

Well I’m on my weekend so that means housework and web/pooter work! I’m working on the stocking cap for my DS. I’ll have the knitting done on that today sometime. I’ll wash it up first before I decide what kind of tassel I’m gonna put on the end of it. I also want to finish up the last LB Boucle/Fun Fur scarf and get all those ends woven in. DH is on call this week so I don’t know if we’re going to play pool tonight or not. If I stay home, perhaps I’ll check out Amy’s video on grafting so that I can get the toes done on the pair of socks I have sitting here. :XX:

In between the knitting and updating my blog and web site, I’m hoping to find my desk, and my kitchen too if I’m lucky. If I get pulled in, can someone quickly knit me a lifeline and toss it in for me to catch? Thanks! :thumbsup:

dustina, brrr!!! what color purse??
FG, you rock. you are a cloggy queen!!
nicole, my poor house is crying out to be clean. I’ll do cleaning friday, as I will be off. then it’s clean for christmas as well.
How do you pronounce that word?? i’ve been trying to figure it out a few weeks now, but nothing comes to mind. boucle.

My weekends are normally Mon-Tues nights, so my next 2 weeks of work are really screwy with all the holiday days… add into that our hours get cut back to 4 days starting Jan. 1st, and that means REALLY goofy days off! I’m off Saturday night, but I do go in on Sunday night. YUCK!!! With DH on call this week, and my only wanting to get my knitting done {erm… where did all my crocheting go? :thinking: } I’m afraid that my house ain’t gonna be getting much cleaner. It’s -19°C {-2°F} right now, but it’s supposed to warm up to -8°C {18°F} later on, so I might be able to venture out and get some errands run to avoid this housework… I’m so SHE! lol
As for the boucle… it’s pronounced boo-clay. I developed a HUGE distaste for it when I was crocheting willie warmers with it, but rediscovered it when learning to knit. Now it seems odd if I don’t have at least one project on the go with one brand or another of boucle.

Morning all!

I am almost done with my Grammys scarf then I am going to make a couple face cloths for my mom. I think that I will add some bath salts and some bath and body works scented body wash (she adores that stuff).
Tonight I will be going to my oldest three kids Christmas program and then dh and I will be heading out to do some Christmas shopping (yea we are just starting :doh: )
It is off to wake up Sophia (yea 10:00 and the child is still sleeping) she was awake a lot last night because she couldn’t breath darn cold so I decided to let her sleep in.

Enjoy your day everyone!

okay, now that you’ve said it, I believe I have heard it pronouced before.
willie warmers, okay, I’m not going there!
sandra, that sounds so nice and your mom will ADORE i’m sure.
that’s a great gift. I’m hoping to do that for my sisters and mom next year.

g’morning :).
I got maybe 6 rows done on the blanket last night. fell asleep early.
nothing interesting or exciting going on with me today. hope it stays that way.
I have to hit the post office tomorrow morning at opening time again.
I’m trying to plan my next project. I have the Zara, so I might make a cabled scarf of some sorts using the 3 solid colors.

Well I will! :roflhard: For Christmas 2000, I crocheted 2 willie warmers as gifts. The first one was for my uncle who was going through chemotherapy. I knew he had a lot of hats already, and figgered that ALL his hair would fall out… well you can do the math! It was intended as a big joke, and taken as one. My uncle was the definition of the bad taste joke, so it was the perfect gift I could crochet for him under the circumstances. The second one I did as a stocking stuffer for my DH. It was our first Christmas together and we were like newlyweds. He works outside in -20 weather and I didn’t want him getting cold when I wasn’t around! :oops: Again, it was given as a gag. I know that one has never been worn, and I don’t WANNA know if the other one ever was! :shock: :roflhard:

My my! Bath gift items to willie warmers, y’all are amazing! :cheering: Ahhh I love the smell of diversity in the morning. So day 2 of no child. It is so weird to not have anyone hanging on me all day. The quiet is a little strange too. My roommate who works in a pub got his yearly christmas gift from the owners: a bottle of scotch. He doesn’t like so I had a little taste. WWWWoooooooweeeee! I forgot how strong scotch is! :rollseyes: I was not paying attention I burned some rice on the stove. OK, no more scotch for me. :doh: I got some kool aid and I’m gonna try to dye some natural colored woolease. Since its winter you can’t find lemonade so I don’t have a yellow. :thinking: I’ll try ornage and blue. I’ll show some pics if it turns out OK.

Oh I have never participated in these daily chats :oops: I hope its ok if I say hello now!

I finished my daughters scarf last night :happydance:

and worked some more on my G-mas leg warmers I am making her.

I went to Michaels last night… I actually walked out EMPTY handed :shock:

Erm… ummm… how is that possible? :?? Oh, and if you figger it out, do NOT let my DH know… thanks! :thumbsup:

Fm, are you missing your baby?
crystal, jump right in, and talked about whatever tickles your fancy!
wow, nothing bought? you better go back to michael’s. LOL.

I ripped out my 3rd attempt at a booga bag so I’m going to do a regular bag for my mom, started on that. Finished my dad’s cherries, they turned out like crap. Now I’m dying my hair quick then I have to run and get to work. I’m cutting it close today. 20 minutes til rinse…