12/2 Good Morning

Only 22 days to shop!!
I better get busy :thinking:
I did get all the baby gifts bought for my daughter’s shower this sunday.
so I do have some progress made.
AND I’m almost done with my christmas cards!!
I knitted about 4 rows last night. it was a bummer, but I was so tired and had to stop knitting. Just couldn’t concentrate.
I did cook when I got in and also made a hot fudge cake. OH MY. we put vanilla ice cream on top and it’s always awesome.
How’s everyone this bright pretty sunny morn??? :cheering:

its cold and i’m cranky… :rollseyes:

It’s realllly cold… I am confident my feet will be frozen all day… and my fingers really aren’t moving quickly either…

Got my color change and the 3 rows of color done last night… now I just need to change to the MC then back to the CC then to the MC and do a big block of color :slight_smile:

Just to prove I’m cold…

yikes, norman you are cold!! i knew you’d rock thru that color change.
:roflhard: Carmell, you shouldn’t be cranky! you just had birthday candles warming your bones!!
seriously, it’s cold here too. well, not as cold as ya’ll, but nonetheless cold!
we are predicated to have SNOW FLURRIES next tuesday.
i hope that’s all it is. I love to see the flurries. Don’t like the ice.
DH got in on Wednesday night and woke me demanding to know if I’d turned the heat down to 62 (knows I sometimes suffer from heat flashes :roflhard: ). Anyway, come to find out the power had gone off some time during the day and the thermostat reset itself to the lowest number. I had knit away that evening, unaware it was that cold. I did slip on a pair of sweatpants, which is pretty abnormal for me. Then I turned the electric blanket up to 7!!! so I was cozy. hehehe.

maybe thats why i’m cranky…kind of late thou. its the kids… they are breakin me down!

Cold here too! Though, it’s supposed to be near 70 on Sunday. I hate the cold, but wish the weather would just pick a season already!

I also need to get busy with my Christmas prep! I still have two bags, one pair of clogs and a shawl to finish. Oh, and need to start a few scarves for some “extended” family (girlfriends of brothers and such!). I finished up clogs for my mom last night :cheering: and will felt those and some others this weekend. Aahh…the weekend is just about here! :XX:

We’re supposed to get up to 30 :slight_smile:

I hope to get this darned scarf going pretty soon…

BTW, you can’t really block acrylic right…

Brrrrr…Katie NoNo Bear will be cold this morning (she just moved to Cedar Rapids to live with my parents) - poor puppy! The least I could have done was send a sweater along with her. I’m a bad puppy mom!

I’m cranky too, from a misbehaving failing 3 subjects adolescent boy, from having only $30 in the checking account after bills, from not having 2 baby birthday gifts bought for the parties tomorrow and next Sun, from not knowing how and when we’re gonna Christmas shop for aformentioned spawn, from CV not buying spawn’s holiday break plane ticket due to financial reasons.

but it’s ok. today’s my day off. I’m going to finish mom’s clog pair.

Looks like we’re getting some lake effect snow. I have a doctor appointment this afternoon in a town about 20 miles from here, I think I’m going to make DH go with me, 'cause there is a big huge scary hill I have to go down to get there.

I have a stone blocking my salivary gland, so my week has been really crappy. The parotid gland is swollen and it’s pinching the nerves in my face, which hurts, and also making my left eye droop. I am not a happy camper. :frowning:

Hrmmm that isn’t fun… :slight_smile: Thinks Speaking of … well nothing… I need to go find the video of weaving in ends… I’m horrible with that…

Even my cat is in a bad mood. she has a cold. Poor thing is sneezing all over the place. It is windy and cold and miserable outside too. And I have two paper due next week haven’t even started. My 9 year old is acting like such a selfish littel butthead lately. The money is dwindling away and oh yeah [size=2]I hate xmas[/size]

Well at least my failing multiple subjects adolescent boy isn’t alone!!!

WOW is this what i ave to look forward to in my son! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

Fibergirl why did Katie no no bear have to move to Cedar Rapids.

Norman it was negative 3 here this morning in Minnesota and it hasn’t gotten above 15 here today.


Yeah minnesota is a different beast all together…

It’s warm here compared to there most of the times :slight_smile:

sara, sorry to hear that. hope you are feeling better soon!!

She and my other dog Emmie aka Miss BarkyPants don’t get along very well (Emmie will attack her over food, ice cubes, toys, etc). It doesn’t happen every day, but it was starting to stress Katie out to the point that she was chewing on her feet and making them all raw. We figured it would be in her best interest for my parents to take her so that she could have a better life. My mom’s dog is not dominant (he lets the cats boss him around), so Katie will do better with him. Altho, Mom says that Katie still gets quite defensive b/c she thinks Jasper is going to steal her toys. But she’ll get over it soon. I just thought it would be better for her to go to my parents, whom she knows, than going back to the adoption group and getting placed in another home that she doesn’t know. And this way I can still see her. It broke my heart to let her go, but I know it’s for the best.