12/19 Good Morn/Day

how is everyone??
I knitted on booga almost all day sunday. i’ve got to go buy some more yarn. I am knitting it double strand, so I’m out of the two navy blues.
I did a color change to the ecru and what do you know, the technique that I saw on amy’s videos worked liked magic!!!
:cheering: :cheering: :cheering:
We had our huge family gathering on sat night and it was wonderful.

GM tigger

Got about 5 rows done last night while watching “Once upon a mattress”

And I hope to get alot more done today… as IU’m off all week…

Woke up to -10 actual this AM… so I’m glad I Got the week off :slight_smile:

And right now… I’m listening to President Doofus right now… he’s acting really goofy during this press confrence… I think he’s trying to “Connect” with people

g’morning :smiley:

it’s hectic as heck today at work. tomorrow will be the same.
finished a Vintage Bubble Bag and felted it yesterday. pics to come later.
rain finally stopped for a bit last night. but I think it’s supposed to rain today and tomorrow again.

norman, you have the ENTIRE week off?? you lucky dog.
Jodi, did your mom get the clogs okay?
ugh rain!

I’m working all this week, but I get all of next week off (company shutdown). I’ll be in Cedar Rapids all next week hanging out with the parents and possibly an uncle.

I’m almost done with Christmas knitting, just have to finish the bottom sole on my MIL’s clogs and seam them up and send them to Canada. Finished FIL’s toque on Sunday as well. I was a knitting fool yesterday. Not so much today…I’m hoping I can at least get the sole itself done tonight and attach it tomorrow night. But I might force myself to just do it all tonight so DH can get to the post office tomorrow.

On a sadder note, my Colts finally lost yesterday. :crying: But we’ve secured home field advantage during the playoffs. So yippy, I guess!

Morning All!

We had a nasty thunder storm yesterday and the power was out for over 12 hours!! :shock:

Did get about 18-20 rows done on my throw. Had to knitt my candlelight, which just isn’t as nice as you would think. Also had fun watching cars go through the intersections without traffic lights. Why the police were not directing traffic I’m not sure :??

Hope all is well!

I finished my aunt’s felted bag yesterday, going to do the finishing touches on it today if it’s dry. I got my dad’s fruitcake done while watching “Once Upon a Mattress.” And started 5 rows of my experiment booga bag hopefully for my mom if it turns out right.

I just woke up with a headache and a sticker shock from our phone bill. I’m dinking around for a bit then I plan on doing my dad’s chocolate covered cherries today, maybe my husband’s chex mix. And I plan on knitting in front of the TV tonight, it’s Medium Monday!

Oh jeez and a scrapbooking project and dying my hair if I have time!

FG you rock!
wes, i know the feeling of being “powerless”. it’s hard, but hey we can knit by candle.
jessica, did you make that fruitcake from scratch??? if so, I’m very impressed! and if not, I’m impressed anyway. ROFL :happydance:

I managed to finish a face cloth for my gma, a soap bag for my dad, and another baby hat for my niece’s baby due in January this weekend. I still have my best friend’s socks to finish (got time on that one) and another hedgie to finish. I still need to block my mom’s hat (which if it weren’t for my mom I wouldn’t bother, but it’s for my mom and the first thing she will ask is, “Did you block it like I taught you?” :blush: ) I also managed to do 8 more rows on my prayer shawl (which is a lot because it’s a triangular shawl and I’m where it is getting bigger and bigger, so 8 rows took some time.)

Today we are baking cookies and my last batch of gingerbread people is ready to come out!

We had my son’s birthday party yesterday. We went to a bowling alley and had fun then went home and cake and ice cream. Right in the middle of all this fun it started to snow. My son has been waiting for snow for a while. He was so happy. Then after all the excitement his grandparents took him off to Seattle for a week or so. WHEW! Don’t get me wrong, I love my child more than anything but sometimes I just need a break.

The snow is all melting today with rain turning it all to mush. I think I’ll work on the mittens for my son, I need to go to the store and get some more Kool aid so I can dye some natural woolease. I think I’ll make some socks outta that. Then there’s my Angel Hair scarf and all my other projects. Even though its cold out looks like it will be a good day

michelle, what did you use for the facecloth yarn?
wow, you’ve been busy!!
FM, happy b’day to your son!! did you get his mittens done?

Just some cotton that I had laying around. Something cheap from JoAnn’s LOL!! It didn’t have the label on it anymore so I couldn’t tell you for sure. They are both light yellow (from the same ball) and will be soft. I did a basic diagonal washcloth (cast on 3 stitches, knit two rows, k2, yo knit to the end of the row, turn repeat until it is as wide as you want then k1, k2tog, yo, k2tog, knit to the end of the row until you have 3 stitches, knit 2 rows and cast off). It’s something I could do in the car, at the restaurant, watching the all day marathon of Law and Order and not think about.

for some unknown reason, I’ve dying to do a washcloth!
ROFL. the cotton sounds soft!

Tigger, yup, from scratch. I think my dad is the only person in the world that loves fruitcake. It think it’s all the booze he soaks it in…

I made two kinds, traditional with candied fruits and dried fruit fruitcake. Both wrapped in cherry brandy soaked cheesecloth. I’m interested to see which one he likes best.

Hello all!

I don’t post here as often as I should b/c work keeps me super busy!!

I just started (and ripped out about 15 times) the Backyard Leaves Scarf from Scarf Style. It’s giving me a headache, so I’ve done some work on the chart including making it larger, highlighting the right side rows, and marking which way each and every row should be read. Otherwise, I have to rip again. Repeatedly. I just can’t remember all that stuff!

I’ve finished all my Christmas knitting, and this scarf is for me. No Denise (folded bird) you can’t have it! But I still love you. :slight_smile:

Ooh, and I have a blog now at www.lotusknitter.blogspot.com!

Have a great day/week everyone!


jessica, that sounds delish!
melanie, that is so lovely!