12/16 good morning and hello friday!

I am so ready for the weekend. Our Christmas get together on my side of the family is Sat and there’s over 90 of us and that’s just my mom, brothers, sisters, their kids, their kids kids, etc with the spouses etc. We are a very large bunch and have a fantastic time.
I’ve got to decide what to cook!
I knitted about 4-5 rows last night on the booga.
IT"S SUNNY!!! so nice today. Hope it holds.

Good morning!!

It is sunny today–hurrah! It’s a bit chilly, though…but I’m not complaining. I like it like this!


It is SO cold here this morning and I need to go to the grocery store. YUCK. I so hate grocery shopping. I worked on my Fuzzyfeet last night and worked on a pair of clogs for my sister in law this morning. So little time and so much knitting to get done. I still have to make a booga bag and two more pairs of clogs and finish a scarf before Christmas.


We had snow, ice, freezing rain–just enough to close schools. Now it’s melting and raining. :happydance: Not crazy about the rain, but it’s better than the ice. I might actually drag myself to the grocery store. Maybe.

It’s been snowing off and on for the last 2 days, and it’s supposed to continue on through today as well. They’ve cleared our parking lot at work the last two nights, so we all had to move our cars during break. It wasn’t too bad temp-wise, but it sure decided to chill up today. It’s -10°C with a windchill of -19 right now. Too flippin’ cold if you ask me. I frogged over half of my evening bag, so I really need to rush now to have it finished for tomorrow. Technically I need to finish it today, including the beading. All I want to do tomorrow after I get home from work is to take a shower, put my hair in my curlers, and go to sleep until it’s time to get ready for dinner! It wouldn’t do falling asleep in my drink! I still need to cut and colour my hair today!! Oh geez… and I just remembered, I haven’t finished up my top for the party yet either… now that would go over really well wouldn’t it? I don’t think my hubby would be too impressed in me wearing nuttin but a beige camisole to his company Xmas party! :roflhard:

good morning :D!
post office opens at 0800, I’m headed there right now to send the clogs off to my family. Nana’s are still slightly damp :frowning: but I’m putting them in a plastic bag so Mom can air dry them for a bit when they get there.
CV took today off. we’re going to take the kid to school, go Christmas shopping for him (pretty much all CDs and XBox games), pick him up from school, attend his gold belt test for TKD at 1545, come home, cook dinner, open his gifts, pack for his 2 weeks w/ his mom.

:roflhard: Nicole sounds like you have a busy day ahead of you!

Tig I love your daily posts

Everyone seems to be cold today. Isaac and Sophia are both feeling a lot better today. Isaac no longer has a fever thank goodness. Sophia is still rather grumpy but I suppose that with ear infections I will let her be grumpy :lol: For some reason last night instead of working on my scarf, that is really coming a long swimmingly, I started Kitty Pi using WOTA Tulip. It is moving rather quickly as I am almost ready to switch to the circulars already. Just motivation for me to finish this scarf because I need the needles for the bed.

ITA Angelia!! it’s crisp. LOL but I do love these temps!
Wow Robin, you better get offline and get those knitting fingers working :lol: I DETEST GROCERY SHOPPING. BOOHOO. I wish I could order THAT onlline!!
Ingrid, glad your weather is improving :thumbsup:
nicole, brrrr, i feel the chill from your post!!! LOL, he probably wouldn’t mind. or at least his colleagues wouldn’t!
did you ever decide on the socks?
Jodi, congrats on mailing your family gifts!!
it’s always a load off the shoulders.
Sandra, glad the fever is gone. I love the kitty bed! perfect for a cat as they love that warmth.

Well he didn’t mind the sheer top I wore to play pool last week, but I did wear a sweater over it, so only he got the show. And considering my age and shape, I’m not sure if his collegues would appreciate me letting it all hang out!
As for the socks, I finally broke down and told DH about them and my quandry. We ended up going to Ram Wools and got the wool and pattern for his socks. I’ve taken the pics of it before and after balling, but haven’t posted them to my blog yet. I treated myself to a set of bamboo dpns… these ones were EXPENSIVE!!! but man oh man are they ever smooth. It’s like they’ve been varnished! I’ll go look at the pack and see the brand on them. I cast on using them, but changed back to my metal ones. I was afraid of breaking them with the thick yarn! They’re 3.25 mm’s, so I’ll be able to use them for most of my socks anyway.

Well since I’ve not replied for a coupel days

Wednesday we had 6 " overnight and 3 more during the day… classes and shcools and most everything was cancelled…

We had a good crowd last night at the theater… it was a Methodist Church group I think… and tonight is the Big Bro/Big Sis group …

tonight is the last night… and I got ALLLLLL next week off to knit knit knit… :slight_smile:

I got a few “things” I need to do :lol:

NE Way… not much going on today… I’m hungry should run to mcdonalds or something

norman, did your sister have her baby boy without complications?
The last time I heard you mention was that she was about to be induced.
how much did he weigh??

nicole, wow, bet those dpns are nice!
I’ve got a set of bamboo straights under the tree!! can’t wait to tear into them.

Oh heck… I forgot about that… yes

She had her baby Wednesday at 2pm… he weight 9lbs 11oz I think … They were’t sure if it was going to come wed, cuase they were inducing and using “cervical tape” I think it’s called… but I KNEW it would…

And my wifes friend at work had her baby this AM, another boy, that’s the one I made the XMas Tree Hat for :slight_smile: I dunno if you remember that or not :slight_smile:

Oooh, lots of babies in your life! You have the excuse to knit lots of cute things–like the baby clogs!!!

The mum knows how much :rollseyes: OUCH! Congrats anyway.

Still in a cold snap here but I woke up in a good mood. I checked out this video from the library. It’s the buddist monk Thick Nahn Hant (sp?) and he shows how to use breathing/meditative excercise. ITs very cool. Kinda like yoga and meditating. I highly recommedn anything by him. He is a prophet.

So I’m here in the lab but the group that scheduled the room didn’t show so I’m just hanging. Working on some mittens and I just got EZ Opinionated Knitter book from the library. Gonna go scan it later. Anyone need a pattern from that book? I usually save the fils as PDf though so I don’t know how to make a link for that. :thinking: Anyone know of a place to host PDF files?

The mum knows how much :rollseyes: OUCH! Congrats anyway.

ROFL, isn’t that the truth!!

dave, Congrats on your brand new nephew. I know you are going to spoil him rotten!

You probably want to refrain from posting copywrited material online, you could get in big trouble for that.

Haven’t gotten much of anything done this week. Had a serious bout of seasonal depression on Tues and am just now getting back in the swing of things. My poor kids, my oldest will be 4 in March and this is the first time it has really effected him. So I am subscribing to the “fake it til you make it” school of thought and so far it is helping. My mom is always pushing me to take medication but I really only have a problem for about a month and it seems ridiculous to get medication for that, especially since I would stop needing it about the time it would really start working, then everyone would tell me it was the medication that was making me feel better and before you know it I’d be on the stuff the rest of my life. Anyway, I got a bunch of knitting books from the library and I am excited to try some new patterns. It’s chilly today-high of 25-but we don’t have any outdoor plans so it’s okay with me!

julie, good for you! hang in there and it will pass.
I don’t have the seasonal depression, but I do HATE the short days. I NEED THE SUNSHINE!!!
another thing, get a daylight lamp. I’ve read where those really aid people with SD.

Here’s a jpg of the surprise baby sweater I wanna make

yeah I’m not gonna post the actual paattern I guess. Just the pics.