12-14 Good Morning!

hey ya’ll. did you have a nice night? I started my booga bag!!
I slept late this morning, so I was thirty min late.
it’s supposed to rain today. ugh.
good thing I brought my lunch and my knitting!

the night was ok. had to discipline my kid about trying to sneak some stuff to school (he was caught in the act) :mad:!@#$%^&*:mad: .
I finished Nana’s other clog and will felt them tonight. I hope they dry by Friday.
went through my stash to gather Noro and WOTA and 220 to make a big Vintage Bubble Bag for a friend. this time I will attempt to make the top the right way, which means I gotta learn how to do garter on circs.
I’m finishing my breakfast now and am trying to clean up my Inbox.

Last night was relatively productive. I finished up the second sock for DS, so now the pair is sitting on a pair of dpns waiting for me to attempt to graft them. :shock: I got the ribbing cast on for the next sock in line… this pair is for my 9yo DD. I did a bit of work on my evening bag too. I think I’ve got the body pattern how I like it, so I’ll try and get that part finished today sometime. Yesterday afternoon I cast on LB Boucle/Fun Fur scarf #3 and I hope to finish that today too if my hands cooperate with knitting. I’m still sitting on the fence about the hockey socks for DH. I can hear Ram Wools calling me to go visit, but I’m just not sure. If I cave in, and I don’t have time to make them, I’ll just wrap it up as-is with a promise that he’ll have his hockey socks before the playoffs! :roflhard:

Howdy All :smiley:

Last night was good got my new needles in the mail and started using them right away (Boye needle master set). They rock!! :heart: :heart:

About half way down with my throw (see progress in What’cha Knittin’).

Weather in the Bay Area is cold (well, for here anyway). Low 40’s last night…had to turn on the heater!! :roflhard:

Looked at Jeremy’s Blog lastnight and got inspired!! He has some great hats that I want to give a try. http://brooklyntweed.blogspot.com/ May faverite of his is the Moss Stitch Earflap.

Well I better get back to work. :rollseyes:
Have a great day and happy knitting!!


Jodi, what was he trying to sneak in?? kids are so nutty at times!
good going on the clog.
so it takes a few days to dry felted things?
GOOD IDEA NICOLE! if you don’t get knitted, put the yarn under the tree. hehehe. he’ll get the idea!
wes, you are too right. LOVE MY BOYLES!!

They do seem to take awhile. I have a rack I can put in my dryer for shoes, etc that you don’t want tumbled. I layed the purse in there with the cereal box for a little while then took it out and stood the purse up and ran the dryer. I just had it on the lowest setting. It didn’t seem to change the size of my purse and it dryed much quicker. I was in a hurry. :roflhard:

LOL, you sound about as patient as I am!

I can’t remember where I got the idea from… someone on here perhaps? It’s not like my hubby isn’t used to me not finishing things anyway. :rollseyes: I will, however, explain about the camouflage socks, and that will soften the blow a bit too.

OR better yet, put needles with it and tell him it’s a “do it yourself” project. ROFL. be sure to snap a pic at that moment. I’m sure his mouth would drop open…

Actually, it wouldn’t… all he’d say to me is, “are you sure you want me picking up another hobby?” :roflhard: He already knows some basic crocheting, so he’d pick up knitting pretty quick too. But I don’t wanna share my stash! :angelgrin:

hey, he’s a natural then!!
I’d be jealous tho if he knitted better than me, so maybe you shouldn’t encourage it.

A tip on quick-drying felted objects: make sure whatever you’ve used to keep the shape is something like quilt batting (not plastic bags, which impede air flow) or towels. Use a mesh drying rack (I got mine from Wal-mart). Set up the rack over your bath tub. Put a small table fan down in the tub and set it blowing up through the object from the bottom (you can move it directly under your object once it stops dripping!) and your project will dry way faster than just sitting around in a room somewhere :thumbsup: .