12/13 Good day

how is everyone today?
no knitting for me last night.
I brought to do at lunch today, but on the other hand, I really want to run out. so not sure what I’ll do.
For some unknown reason, I woke at 2:30 am and couldn’t get back to sleep. have been up since and I’m pretty tired right now. ugh.
anyone have some strong coffee???

hands Tigger a triple espresso

I’ve got most of MIL’s first clog done - just need to finish the second sole and attach it. Must…finish…clogs…today…

I’ve got the day off, so I will be knitting none stop as soon as I can tear myself away from KH.

I’m on my weekend, so I’ll be knitting as soons as my hands decide that I can use them. :frowning: I’ve got some fresh coffee here, help yourself. I had my 10yo DD make me a pot since I can’t even lift the coffee pot right now. I’ve got a sock for 3yo DS to finish up {about 10 rows and toe shaping}, and I want to learn how to graft the toes for it. I cast on DHs sock yesterday, so I want to get the ribbing done on it so I can see if the striping pattern will look nicer with the different needles. I finished one of the LB Boucle/Fun Fur scarves yesterday and have about 1/3 of the next one done. I’ll need to weave the ends in on that. I’ve also got an evening bag design that I’m working on in crochet… I need that for Saturday night, so I hope my hands behave themselves soon.
I’ll be able to knit during the day {in between colouring my hair and such}, but not sure how much I’ll get done tonight. I begged off going out to play pool last night, so I’ll probably have to go out tonight.
First person that tells me how many days I have until Christmas Eve to finish this stuff gets a size 7 steel crochet hook poked in their direction! :roflhard:

thanks FG, the espesso is working! I’m beginning to feel a little “bounce” in my toes. now if it will just work upwards, I’ll be tigger again in no time.
I want to do a booga bag and then some clogs. I notice you have several things on the needle. do you rotate projects?
nicole, what yarn are you using for the socks??

yeah, i tend to always have several going so that I can project-hop. I have those projects that I can take places, like socks and hats, and those that stay home waiting for me to pick them up again. But right now, it’s totally holiday knitting mode! And I obviously have not torn myself away from KH yet :rollseyes: ok, I’m going now…no really, I’m Michael Bolton outa here…really, bye!

:roflhard: Michael Bolton outta here hehehe
That really struck me as funny. Maybe the early hour :thinking: :roflhard:

I have to go to class at 1:30 to take the first of 4 finals. Yucky. I am not overly worried about it except that this paticular teacher LOVES essay tests so by the end of one hour my hand will feel like it is going to fall off. Thankfully I do not have her again until the fall semester. I must study tonight so no knitting for me (or not much anyway)

Tig there is a gas station down the street that sells something called hi octane Mocha. Made the mistake of trying it one day. That is the only coffee that has ever made me jittery. And I drink a lot of coffee. It was wayyy caffinated. I could get ya some if you like :roflhard:

I’m using Bernat Sox in Army Hot. I’ve got a pic of the now-frogged ribbing for DH on my blog. For the kids I’m using 3.25 mm dpns and so far the smallest ones look really cool. I started DHs new ones with 2.75 mm dpns, and am hoping the striping looks better this time around. The socks are what come with me to work, so I get around 10-20 minutes of work done on them during my breaks {after going outside for a smoke of course!} :oops:
I’m thinking about running down to Ram Wools in the next day or so to check out the hockey sock kits they have in person. I checked them out on the website, and they look kinda cool. They’re done in WW, so if they have an Oilers kit, I might try those instead since that would work up faster. Only problem with going there is that I’ve been doing the knitting porn thing with their site lately, and I KNOW that they’ve got a bunch of yummy looking stuff on sale! :thumbsup:

sandra, hi octane mocha?? LOL I love the thought. send me several cyber cups!
Actually I feel better than when I crawled in to work this morn (30 min early, can you beat that?? :rollseyes: ).
Now the thought of going and buying some wool is really making me excited. LOL. maybe that is the secret to helping my poor arthritic body!
The sweater seems to be taking forever and of course I did have that delay of pulling out all those rows and redoing for a longer fit in the torso, so that didn’t help matters. I’m now on the back, just starting the ribbing, but I could use a faster project on my needles.

Good morning everyone…

:slight_smile: Well we are supposed to get 6 - 12 inches of snow tonight… but that keeps changing depending on what weather forcast you listen to… so I might be ta home tomorrow working :slight_smile:

As well, my sister goes in for induced labor tomorrow for her baby so I’ll have a new nephew tomorrow sometime

Anyway… :slight_smile: No knitting for a few days… still working on my wedding video… deadline is tonight!! (and if I’m home tomorrow I can work on it thent oo) and I got loads of crap to do… man I’ll be busy tonight… Play concludes this weekend… and strike is sunday then I have until Feburary to do things again… man my life is too hectic sometimes :S

nicole, that sounds great. also love the sound of the hockey sock kits.
That used to be my fav sport to watch!
norman, pre congrats on the nephew.
I am so hoping my daughter goes into labor soon. she’s due 1/1 but she is miserable. Doc appt tomorrow and i do hope she has good news.

It is a good day because today is my BIRTHDAY!! :happydance:

I’m turning 25 today.

For the 9th time. :mrgreen:

My DH is a huge Oilers fan. He was born in Edmonton even though he lived most of his life in northern BC. I’m not so much a fan, but I don’t complain since it keeps him from whining about not being able to golf!
On the web site, the sock kits look pretty basic. Mainly just a knee kigh sock with stripes. If I remember the price isn’t too bad, basically just the cost of the yarn, and it comes with the pattern. My main motivator in it is that it would be suitable WW yarn to get some socks done quickly, and something that he’d like.

Run out of yarn? Run out to lunch? Run out of the office screaming “%$&*#”?

Hope you get a better sleep tonite! Thank god for Lunesta! :wink:

I’ve got errands to run, but that’s about it other than maybe some last minute Christmas shopping… eeek. :shock:

Happy Birthday, Silver! :balloons: :present:

ROFL. really, I want to run out at lunch to get some yarn. I’m dying to do the booga bag.
nicole, we like the oilers too and the mapleleafs.
I’m glad hockey is FINALLY back on.

I agreed to go into work today to do cleaning in the computer lab. blaekkk! But I need the money. Theres not too many hours to be had over winter break. Ah well. At least finals are over. Now I have to make the flip top mittens for my son. He keeps buggin me about it. At least I’ve got my new yarn from the recycled goodwill sweater to use. :cheering:

I just finished my last final exam. I have to finish a paper and I will be done!!!

My Namaste Knitter’s Purse arrived yesterday. It’s big. So far that’s my only impression. I need to play with it a bit.

Gotta run and get through the posts, then work on the paper. See ya!

:present: [size=6][color=blue]HAPPY BIRTHDAY SILVER!!![/color][/size] :balloons:

Was woken up this morning by a panicked boyfriend. Apparently I was having an asthma attack in my sleep, so I woke up absolutely breathless, but recovered after taking my inhailer and moved to a more open room(my room can get stuffy sometimes). I’ve been sleeping off the tiredness that followed ever since, and have just woken up again. Feeling much better now and will probably wander upstairs and eat a little something.

Boyfriend quit his job yesterday, after his District Manager went over the Store Manager’s head and fired three of his other employees for no particular reason besides the fact that she doesn’t like them. There’s alot of speculation as to why she did something like this, because the employees are good workers, and my boyfriend is the best thing to happen to that store in years. He says he would have stayed and put in his two weeks, but it was the principal of the situation. Now he and the other employees are going to talk to his work’s relations department, because that DM has been a constant problem ever since he started working there last year.
He’s feeling good about it though, because it’s opening a chance for him to get into a job that he really wants to do, and not just be in retail his entire life. I think he’s thinking about temping for computer tech and see where that takes him. He’s also excited that he might have a chance to work on his writing, which is his real passion. I’m happy for him.

I finished one fingerless mitten…and it actually looks like a mitten this time! I’m very excited and hope my friend likes them.

5 more days until I’m in Houston! :happydance:

FM, sorry you had to work, ugh.
Sara, congrats on finishing exams. Can you post a pic or link of your bag?
nrose, i know you are counting down days! hope your bf can find a job. it’s hard at this time of year to be jobless. bummer!

happy Tuesday. life’s alright over here. could be a lot worse. last night I slept on the couch because CV is sick (fever). I think he went to work today. as short as I am I still couldn’t stretch out on the couch. kitty took the opportunity to hang out with mom in the livingroom but instead of snuggling with me, she played with the Christmas tree, which kept me awake a hell of a lot later than I should’ve stayed. finished the upper on Nana’s 2nd clog. cuff and sole tonight, felting tonight too, depending on time. it HAS TO be dry by Fri.