12-12 Good Morning!

Hey everyone. Hope your weekend was better than mine. Our son-in-law’s grandmother died and it was a very sad time. I kept the grandkids Friday evening thru Sat evening. I’ll keep again tonight. This was one terrific woman and she’ll be sorely missed. :crying:
Of course when the kids are at my house, there’s is no knitting whatsoever! however, I did manage to knit last night and finished the sweater front. I’m now on the ribbing starting the back.
How is everyone this fine day?

My morning has been busy…working on the computer in my sock-feet and trying to pretend the laundry doesn’t need done. :smiley:

My oldest is finally well enough to go to school this morning. Man, I HATED this schedule but now they I have been doing it for a few months, it sure is nice to slip back into normal life again. I bought the kids a bunch of arts and crafts supplies so I have been cleaning paint off of everything the last few days, but at least they are more manageable. When I dropped ds off this morning I found out there is a field trip tomorrow. Nothing like short notice! And I haven’t knitted much lately, my life has been a little crazy.

Sorry to hear about the death in the family, Tigger. So sad to lose someone near Christmas. Big hug to you and your family.

That is exactly what I am doing! I’ve been up since 7:00 and the only productive thing that I have done is pour cereal for my kids :roflhard: Today I get the pleasure of putting up the Christmas Tree and writing my last paper for class. Busy day here sigh Not much knitting for me today :frowning:

Tig I am sorry to hear about the gma in law dying. It is always so hard to lose someone. {{Hugs}}

Enjoy your Grandkids!

thanks, julie and sandra.
have to laugh at the paint everywhere!
of course, I’m not the one cleaning it up. But it’s fun to watch kids with crafts and they learn so much as well.
rachel, I’m so jealous! would love to be in my socks!
oh well, after work, after work, after work…
did you knit your socks?? :XX:

I wish! No, I’m very much a beginner knitter.

looks around, whispers I crochet.

I’m trying to find the time to learn, though. There are some gorgeous designs out there.

Its Monday morning and I didn’t get up till 7:30!! Its winter break and the computer lab where I work is closed so no more getting up before dawn to get there to unlock the doors routine. AAAhhhh sleep (and waking up to a lovely sunrise). Now what to do with my day :XX: :XX: :XX:

oh oh, fm, I know what you can do…KNIT!!!
all day long. WOW, what a fantasy.
i’d love to be doing that.
:XX: :XX: :XX: :XX: :XX:
I didn’t see our sunrise this morn, but it is nice and pleasant today. the sky is blue and the sun is shining so nicely. it’s mild to me also.
rachel, I also crochet. I started knitting about 8 months ago. love it but crochet used to be my passion.

hmmm… my weekend wasn’t so great…

I gave my students their final exam on Friday so i’ve spent the weekend looking over their final lab reports and exams… I’m up to my eyeballs in grading but have absolutely ZERO motivation to complete it. Oh well, i still have a few more days to get through this mountain since i don’t submit grades until Thursday.

But the big kicker was that i spent last night in the emergency room. :frowning: It seems that a problem that i thought had been taken care of 2 years ago has come back with even worse symptoms. Not a good sign. It COULD be nothing, it COULD be major… But the bottom line is that i won’t know until i have another, rather invasive procedure. DAMN! :frowning: Oh well… at least i have grading and knitting to keep me occupied while i’m waiting around for doctors… :rollseyes:

However, one good thing this morning was that the red-shouldered hawk (who lives in the woods behind our house) came up and sat on a branch close enough for me to go out on the deck to take pictures of him. He was MAGNIFICENT!! :shock: :inlove: Didn’t even flinch with me creeping closer and closer to him… Obviously the cats were NOT allowed out… :wink: I love that bird and his mate… they can have the squirrels but not my cats!!


P.S. Funny note: As i was sitting in the ER waiting to be seen, i was filling out my Molecuar Biology exam key. I think the ER doc was more interested in talking about the class i teach and taking my exam than examining me!! :roflhard:

You teach Molecular Bio? My daughter has a degree in Molecular Bio, but is now in graduate school for Public Policy. Decided she didn’t like the lab life. :wink:

I hope it’s nothing serious and you feel better soon, HH! Look at these cute Hedgies I found!

Thoes are sooo cute :roflhard:

HH I will be sending good vibes and prayers your way!

Well I had my son home from school until 10 because his OT was supposed to come (occupational therapist). She didn’t show :thinking: but he wasn’t feeling 100% so we just relaxed together and then got him to school by 10:15. Came home and filled out an app for a personal care assistant for him with a nice woman from the mental health agency (he has multiple special needs and we just moved here so we’re getting services set up). That took a while. Made a phone call to his doc wanting to discuss the antibiotic he prescribed for him.

I’m online now searching for shredded foam to stuff the beanbag chairs I’m making with (ugh, awful sentence!). I’m making some for my kids for Christmas. After that I will try to squeeze in a little knitting while I wait for a phone call back from the doc. At 1:15 I have to leave to go to the grocery store for a few things and when I get back, if there is any time between then and 3 pm when I get the kids at the bus stop, I’ll knit some more.

This afternoon we will be making some chocolatey treats for the kids’ teachers and some Fimo ornaments to decorate the bags of treats with, as well as whipping up some melt and pour soaps and lip balms. I hope to supervise the Fimo ornament making while I - knit! :lol:

Sigh, then it’s to the laundry, I have piles of it to deal with this evening. And before bed I hope to be conscious enough to knit for half an hour while listening to my audiobook before bed. I live for that time!!!

I’ve been starting to count down the days until I see my mom(6 days left! Yay!). I haven’t seen her since last February, so spending a good three weeks with her will be good. I’ll get to see my best friend again, and play some pool with my high school friends again, get to know my mom’s new boyfriend, and see my little brother for more then a day (which hasn’t happened in about three or four years). :smiley:
The only thing I’m worried about is flying, what with all this focus on the news on the various airline happenings. Granted, I’m lucky I’m going to be landing down south, so no worries of ice and snow, but I’m a naturally pessamistic and anxious person(I have a terrible anxiety disorder. I worry about EVERYTHING), so of course I’m going to be overly scared to fly.
I hate flying.
HATE it.

Spent yesterday finishing one fingerless mitten to find out that it doesn’t fit, so I had to frog the back part(I made it in pieces) so I can readjust it. :frog: I also need to lengthen it a bit. Learning as I go, since I really don’t use patterns.
At least this time it actually LOOKS like a mitten. :smiley:

I feel like I’m drowning in my allergies. With the dry heat air in the house, it’s driving my allergies and asthma crazy. I’ve submitted to breathing through one nostril. Oi.

I went to see Chronicles of Narnia this weekend, and I absolutely loved it. Dawn French as Mrs. Beaver and Liam Neeson as Aslan made my day. Now, if only I can coax George Lucas to release his scene from Episode III. :?
I think I’m going to submit myself to knitting for the remainder of the day while watching French and Saunders and other various movies. I watched two of the Lord of the Rings trilogy yesterday on TNT, so I might just have to watch Return of the King today because now that I own the entire trilogy(both theatrical and extended versions…), it just feels incomplete…
That and watching the Matrix beforehand mixes my mind up, and I have to let myself remember that Elrond is NOT Agent Smith…oi.

Now that I have probably proved myself to be the nerdiest person on this forum, I’m gonna get to work. XD

OMG, I have to do that too - DH gets annoyed with me b/c everytime I saw him in the LOTR, I kept saying “Mr. Anderson” :roflhard: (So don’t worry, I doubt you’re the nerdiest one here - you’ve got company :smiley: )

I was able to arrange a half day vacation today and a full day vacation tomorrow, which I will use to get ready for Christmas. I have a few presents still left to knit and a couple to buy. It felt a little weird going to work and then disappearing after and hour (meetings took up my morning and then I was Michael Bolton out of there). But the day definitely went faster! And then I came home to the biggest box of yarn that I think I have ever seen - Ingrid sent me some of her stash for my knitting group to use for our hospital afghans. So much yarn!

tigger-so sorry to hear about your son-in-law’s grandmother! :frowning: :heart:

my condolences, tigger :(.

today’s alright. our floor got new phones last Fri and 80% of them don’t work and/or the headsets are a pain to plug in so no less than 30 people have come to my desk this morning to ask questions. very difficult to get work done. I’m going to get some lunch now.

we put up our tree last night. it’s 90% done.

CV just called and said he’s coming down with a cold.

thank you Jodi and FG.
my grandson is 7 and he was devastated when his dad told him his Mimi had died. he’s at the age where he fears that his loved ones will die. my heart aches for him :crying: