12/10 good afternoon

I searched for a post from tigger but didn’t see one…

how is everyone?

I started the day all hemajang, as we say in Hawaii (screwed up/mixed up/cattywompus). I came back from Safeway and backed into the gate :doh::oops::mad:. now my baby has scratches on the passenger corner of the rear bumper and the edge of the wheel well :mad::mad::mad:. I really don’t think they can be filled in. wax might fill them in partially, but I’m pretty hosed :(. but hey. I didn’t hurt anyone, and I didn’t get hurt :).
I slipped on the kitchen floor, but caught myself on the counter. whew.
I washed some dishes, set mom’s wet clogs out in the sun, and am now (it’s 1155) eating breakfast here in front of the ‘puter. good ol’ Japanese tea and rice :).
CV and Dyl are playing some boxing game on the XBox. no we don’t have a 360, and have no plans to get one at the moment. though they haven’t spoken up about it, I think the guys REALLY WANT ONE for a bunch of reasons, one of which is CV’s shop and dyno was used by Microsoft to record engine sounds of some exotic cars and some VWs for the Project Gotham 3 game that just came out. if you ever peek at the game, look for Streetwerke in the credits :).
gonna put up the tree this afternoon. Dyl helps more than CV.
gotta finish Nana’s clog and felt them. I am soooo :inlove: with this WOTA Violet. it makes my mouth water and gives me warm fuzzies :D:heart:. no, I’m not eating it, I swear.
gotta finish writing our peace cards and get them in the mail.
gotta light a fire under Dyl’s butt in a few minutes to make him do his chores.
gotta get a gift for a 2 yr old boy. birthday party tomorrow.
annnnd yes the blanket. gotta work on the blanket.

Ooh, sorry about the car. I no longer worry about ours. I drive a 97 Escort and the rust started taking over this year. :pray: I want at least two more years out of her. My dad was a car guy, he would have shaken his head in shame at my driving such a mundane car. :lol:

I’m glad you didn’t hurt yourself this am. Watch out for that tree!! Oops, gotta water ours.

I let DD ride with a teenaged driver to the movie theater for a matinee. I kinda wish I hadn’t. The roads look pretty clear though. It’s only nine miles away. They’ll be back before it gets too dark, probably around 5:30. Yet more praying. :pray:

I should get to work on my paper. I’m not even sure what the choice of topics is. Yeah, maybe I should do that…

Have fun decorating the tree. 5yo DD has been attempting to “undecorate” mine while my back is turned today. :rollseyes:

Thanks Sara! good luck on your paper :slight_smile: ! my kitty undecorates the tree. she seems to bother this fake tree just SLIGHTLY less than she bothers real trees. but she always manages to break one of Nikki’s handmade ornaments, of course. happy thoughts, may your DD return home safe :).

Sara–the car I just replaced was a 95 Escort with 200+thousand miles on it. They were good little cars, for sure.

I got a much needed haircut this morning with great plans of dropping Ryan off and then shopping. I made it to Toys R Us, but just couldn’t bring myself to face the mall. Maybe tomorrow. I did walk through the small mall that houses Toys R Us, but didn’t buy anything. I was too astonished at the prices of hand knits–posted elsewhere.

I walked into the yarn shop there to ‘recharge’ but their prices are just too high.

I came home and took a much needed nap and am wishing I had at least gotten some groceries as the cupboards are bare, baby!!

:doh: Sounds like you had a pretty rough start there Jodi! My DH did too - banged his knee on something, broke the handle on his coffee scoop and then spilled his coffee all over the kitchen table. I told him he’s not allowed to drive until he gets this out of his system :smiley:

Well, I’ve taken the pieces of my new spinning wheel out and waxed them. Tonight I’ll start working on putting the wheel together. Wish me luck.

Much luck FG!

This morning I went to the mall and was a guide for a deaf blind woman and her semi-deaf blind hubby. It was so great! This is the first time that I had done anything like that so it was very scary at first but they are a really nice couple and very patient so it was easy to relax and enjoy communicating and helping them shop. It was funny because the husband kept goosing his wife with his cane so that she would walk faster. Poor woman is a lot shorter than her hubby so it was hard for her to speed up and still feel comfortable. It was so funny though :roflhard: I think that I have decided that I would like to work with the Deaf Blind a lot more once I graduate. Woo! Now to take my kids to pizza hut and let Nicholas get his book it pizza. :thumbsup:

Ingy - there’s always KnitPicks :D! but it’s not instant gratification.

FG - damn I wish you woulda been here to tell me I shouldn’t even step out of bed! I could’ve used the momming :D!

mintdee - that is awesome. props to you for braving the crowded mall 2 Saturdays before Christmas AND guiding the couple :cheering: :thumbsup:

tree probably won’t happen this evening. I just woke up from a long nap and it’s already 1845.

Fall term is over!!! :cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

YAAAAAAAY!!! My mom has one more final due this week and then she gets to say the same thing! And then I get to visit her at Christmas and KIP with her!

Poor Jodi!! What a horrible day!!
I’m glad you weren’t hurt.
We don’t have Safeways in Alabama. maybe one day.
We do have publix, which are fairly new to us.
WOW, that violet sounds gorgeous. Love the purples.