11/30 Good Morning!

how is everyone?
no knitting for me last night.
we decorated the tree, so all we have left is outside stuff we’ll do this weekend.
I also picked up a few christmas presents for my sisters yesterday, so I’ve started my shopping!

[size=7]today is my birthday…i am 29!!! yippe!!![/size]

i knit like 2 rows…no tree …no shopping!!!

happy birthday to you… happy birthday to you… happy birthday dear Carmell, happy birthday to you…
:cheering: :cheering: :cheering: :cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

thanks again!!! :smiley: :happydance:

I decided to spin last night over knitting. Did hang up the wreath on the front door, but will wait until the weekend to do the rest of the decorating. I have an opposition to doing Christmas decorating before December. I just can’t bring myself to do it.

any big plans today???
cake?? yum

Happy Birthday Carmell!!!

Happy B-Day Carmell… :slight_smile:

You are as old as I, almost… I don’t turn till July :slight_smile:

FG, what all is involved in spinning? I’ve never done it, but it seems like it would be satisfying.

Yeah the wife want’s to do spinning … we have a local shop here that does hand spinning and classes :slight_smile: We might eventually do that…

i didn’t show you all my new spindle yet have i…i did on my blog… here it is. haven’t tried it yet though.

i don’t know what i’m doing today. don’t really celebrate my birthday since i have kids… maybe i’ll bake me a cake… :thinking:

Happy Birthday, having kids is a double reason to celebrate! You don’t want to be that mom that has kids who never get her birthday gifts because her birthday isn’t important-my mom is that lady, it really sucks. If we lived closer I’d bake you a cake. :smiley:

No decorating here and very few stitches done-Tain was sick again last night. Poor guy, he only makes it to preschool about twice a week before he comes down with something. But it is winter and he doesn’t have breastmilk to protect him so I figure we’ll have a few more years of this before his immune system is strong enough to fight it off. Thank god mine is good, it would really suck if I got sick every time the kids did.

I would love to get into spinning too, how much was the spinning wheel you got FB? I’ve seen the prices differ quite a bit…

Well, gotta run! Have a great day…

Speaking of no knitting… ughh… I AM going to do some tonight… I get a night off from the play… Tomorrow - Sunday we do the play again… and won’t have much time… so I’m gonna get to that darned color change so that I can do it while having the advantage of amys videos :slight_smile:

I’ve never ever ever doen a color change… this will be interesting :slight_smile:

that spindle is gorgeous!
b’day gift?

nope i bought it last month… i guess i can say it is a gift to me from me!!! i doubt DH got me anything. my twin got me some much needed glasses. she got a pair and got me a pair for free!!!

Arugula~ is this the first year for Tain to be in preschool? Krickett got a cold i’m guessin from MIL :rollseyes: (you know most people out of consideration don’t go kissin on small children when they KNOW the have a cold!!) and now today i have got it!!!yippiee way to spend my birthday clogged up and sneezin!!! i nursed all my kids and 3 of them are not even in school and they get sick. and the one that is in school has been sick maybe 3 times in his whole 7 years!!! have you ever tried that Airborne?

Teach your children to appreciate you, by celebrating your birthday with them! My MIL hates that my husband doesn’t remember her birthday. So I asked her: whose fault is that? :slight_smile: I make sure that the hubby takes my son to get me a gift, even if I have to remind him. It’s the best way to set the example.

I’m knitting my brains out. I have 12 days to finish my friends gift, I also have a sweater to do for my sis. Anything I finish besides that will be a bonus!


CARMELL, you have a twin???!!! wowowowow.
that’s incredible.
happy b-day to her also!

Carmell-yep, it is his first year. I think the worst part is that he goes 4 days a week (mon-thurs) so when he gets sick on a school day he misses half his week and then it is so long until the next school day and it really messes with his schedule. He seems perfectly fine today but you never know the day after…

I think Ro is playing in the toilet, gotta run!

so glad my kids don’t do that anymore!!! but i have another to worry about soon. Krickett is crawling. still a little slw but when she sees something she wants she is very determined to get !! :rollseyes: