11/21 good morning

it’s raining, ugh.
I got to knit some this weekend, and am back to the contrasting stripe in the sweatshirt.
How’d your weekend go??

Hey we had a nice weekend I’m almost done with dh’s scarf so I CO to my grandfather’s scarf LOL… We are suppose to have [size=2]snow shh maybe if I write small it won’t happen[/size] but tonight is a mix and I hate when it mixes and dh has to make that long drive home in the dark and mixture!! Suppose to have the s word all week… Which I don’t mind the s word so much if I’m home knitting watching it snow or when its just a skiff and I don’t have to worry about dh on the roads :smiley:

It’s raining here too… Really dark grey morning… blah…
I woke up feeling really dizzy this morning so i’m glad this week is shortened by the holidays. Friday night i worked until 1am and last night i worked until 12:30. Saturday i was a slug. I need a good few days of solid rest.

The semester is ending (i’m a professor) which means that my work is about to increase exponentially with all the grading i have to do. No knitting for weeks after this holiday weekend - just grading lab reports and exams! B-O-R-I-N-G!

Oh well… lecture today, office hours tomorrow and the rest of the week is MINE! Thank goodness… Must… find… caffeine… :shock:


It’s not too bad here… round 30 or so… not bad. still a little chilly tho

Started my PoA scarf this weekend… Hopefully I Can get it done soon… I’m like anxious to do that one :slight_smile:

hedgehog, I work for a university also, tho not a professor. I’m assistant for the associate dean of UG studies and believe me, I am busy BIG TIME with students. I’m usually working on the last semester stuff, the current, AND the upcoming! :shock:
norman, how is the scarf coming? any more work done on your sister’s baby blankie?

laughs the blanket no…

The scarf I only got about 3 rows in before I had to go to the theater… however, I’m home today… cause the kids are off from school, so I plan to at least get to the first color stripe…

32 degress. BBBrrrr. But no snow and its not that bone chillin cold like in Boston. Andit warms up to about 50 when the sun comes up.

I work in the computer labs at my university (I’ma doctoral student. I get paid to do my homework yippee) and there’s a crazy lady thats casuing trouble. I hope I don’t see her today.

My son and his dad went camping this weekend so I had the whole place to myself. Unfortunalty I had to work all day Saturday and today. They come back tonight. I only had Sunday to myself really. And I had to spend the better part of the day cleaning up after them! Some time off :rollseyes:

Well at least we have Thursday and Friday off. Maybe we’ll go to the beach for the day. Yes Oregonians go to the beach in the winter. We are crazy. :cheering:

Um…it’s about 69 right now and probably going to hit 80 today.

Nothing exciting happened this weekend. Shopping with daughter, knitting, …