11/17 Good Morning

Good morning all. I do hope ya’ll had a better time than I did yesterday. Remember I couldn’t stitch at lunch, cause I had no pattern. I got to my car yesterday and there it sat, proudly in my seat!
okay, so minor frown and I’m on my way, feeling good about getting home and knitting.
As ya’ll know, I moved recently and have been trying different ways home. I follow a crowd of people down a road that hits a highway that takes me to the interstate. Well last night, the police were out on that street and I got a ticket for turning left during hours I shouldn’t have!! WHAT THE HECK?? :??
the policeman said people in that area were complaining of university traffic coming down their road, so they put up a sign. WHAT SIGN?? I sure didn’t see one. Of course I wasn’t really looking. (I am going back today just to see the sign and make sure it’s visible etc).
Got to daycare and my granddaughter was running 101.5 fever and had just started it about 20 min before (see, while I was stuck on the side of the road with the policeman, my baby was sick). I got the grandkids home and called my daughter and she got off work early so she could take Krissy to the doc. Well in the meantime, my puppy poops on the kitchen floor (we are working hard on housetraining), the hotdogs in the microwave start hissing and sizzling while my grandson is saying he’s so hungry. Finally things calm down and she’s on her way to doc and I pull out the sweater for my dh and it’s too short in the torso!!!
I had a hellacious evening. :crying: :crying: :crying:
This morning things seem better. I’m about to call and see how much ticket will be (think of the yarn it could have bought) I’ve never had one, and I really don’t know the procedure but I’m sure they’ll be glad to tell me :rollseyes:
I’m going to unravel the top back down to past the contrasting color and then add about 4 inches of the stocking stitch and then redo the contrast and shoulders.
However, at least today is thursday!!
one more day of work and I’ll be off for the weekend.

Wow you had a bad night… and I was complaiing cause I had to stay up till midnight to work… :slight_smile:

Hope the young one is feeling better…

gosh, what a bad day! Hope today is better :slight_smile:

thanks, I’m hoping it improves BIG TIME. I’ll be glad for lunch, as I brought my CHART and stuff and will cut down to a few rows of contrast and then unravel the rest. sheesh!

If there wasn’t a sign, you should take pictures of the lack of sign and challenge the ticket.

I don’t know how Alabama works, but in a lot of states, if you challenge it, you usually end up with it reduced or thrown out.

yes, that’s what I thought too. He said there was a sign, but I surely never saw it!
I have my camera phone and will snap a pic if I don’t feel it’s something people can readily see. I was just following the crowd (the week before and found that way) and this time I happened to be the first to turn up that street. OUCH.
I feel like it was a trap, as they had another patrol car there as welll as another on the street up a block.
I tried calling and of course it’s a computer and you have to enter ticket number etc. it hasn’t been turned in yet and the computer tells me they will send a letter in the US mail to let me know the cost when they receive the ticket.
My grandbaby threw up last night due to the high fever and my daughter is taking her back to doc this morn.
poor sweety.
but looking back on yesterday I do have to laugh as it seemed to be everything happening at once! I thought what can possibly happen worse and something else would happen so finally I just shut up. :roflhard:

I sure hope today is a better day for you. How’s the baby feeling?

she vomited last night about midnight but the doc thinks it’s due to high fever, as opposed to a virus, since she only did that one time. She fell back to sleep quickly. Wendy is on the way to the doc with Kristin now.
I do hope she’s fine. poor baby. she’s normally so talkative and last night she was just still as could be. never made a peep.

Poor baby! I hope baby is feeling better soon.

So did they ticket a bunch of people or just you? And how come the cast wasn’t on there? Usually the cost is written right on there. I guess different states have different ways of doin it. Yeah I would totaly challange that. Especially if you were the only one who got a ticket in long line of people.

My goodness. It sounds like a nice cup of tea, a comfy seat and some sloooow knitting is what you need. I hope you get some peace soon. (need a peace emoticon)

nope, just had a court date and telephone number to call. apparently you pay the ticket you don’t have to go to court.
well, while I was sitting there, tons of traffic streamed by, having made the lefthand turn. however, he couldn’t do anything as he had me stopped. but another patrolman came up right behind us and parked and pulled over the next car before I was let go. I think it’s christmas time and they want their bonus! still others were turning up the road the entire time, but going by. I do hope they realize NOT to turn up it again, or else they may get ticket the next time.
I’m about to make a run to the airport to send my boss off, so maybe I’ll go by and check out the sign.
I’m sure there’s one there and they wouldn’t lie about it, but I just want to see what I missed.
who would have thought a normal road would have had restrictions??
really insane, but oh well.
Thanks, i hope Krissy is better soon too. I’m glad they are seeing her so soon this morn.
I’ll talk to ya’ll after lunch.

YIKES, there was a brand spanking new sign hung by the traffic light.
in my own defense, it was dark last night, and no street lights, plus I was thinking of knitting. LOL.
oh well, quilty as charged. I’ll fork over the money if they ever get the citation to the courthouse.
Oh and Kristin has STREP! bless her heart.
she’s on meds now, so hopefully she’ll be herself in no time.

Ohhh sorry about your ticket! I’ve never had one either… [size=1]crosses fingers[/size]…

Re: Strep… my daughter used to get strep quite a bit and she always threw up when she had it, too. Poor baby. I hope she feels better soon!

Jan, you know how I feel then. I am so shocked that my perfect driving record has been tainted. I feel dirty. LOL.
I was really depressed last night over it seriously, tho I’m bettter today.
I was so mortified! :oops:
Strep is so bad on the kids. our grandson (her brother) had it last month and then he came down with pneumonia!!

Oh I think I’d be mortified, too. When my girls say something about my driving I always point out that “I” have never had a ticket or even been pulled over. LOL Stuff happens though and some of those signs should be more visible or maybe have a couple with one further back so you have a better chance of seeing it! Or maybe they should be lit!

LOL, you hit the nail on the head. My dh said, in a singsong voice, now you can’t say you never had a ticket, and called me ticket girl etc. I could have cheerfully choked him!

I was mortified when I got my first ticket (speeding - 57mph in a 40 zone) and my dad had a field day with it, he laughed and laughed and laughed. I had no excuses! I was ahead of all the traffic b/c I was the only dumby who DIDN’T see the cop. I looked in my rearview mirror and pondered, why is everyone hanging back? And then I saw him. :doh:

But it didn’t go on my record because it was my first one, and I haven’t gotten one since. Of course I’ve just jinxed myself, thank you. Double :doh:

Oh–when I think of tickets I SHOULD have gotten for having a heavy foot–but thankfully haven’t!! I’m so sorry you had to get one–but at least you know that you made an honest mistake–that it was a new sign, and someone right behind you missed it too!!

I’m just hoping the antibiotics will get that grandbaby well soon! How old is she? Anyway, that’s the most important thing. THe ticket thing’s over and done, and you didn’t hurt anyone or yourself! Have a good weekend, and KNIT!! :thumbsup: