11/16 Good Morning

Picked grandkids up after work from daycare (their mother works til 6:30 and dad is on evening shift for 2 weeks and I pick them up during that time) so I didn’t have time to knit. BUT I brought today and will knit at lunch. ahhhh. I look forward to that hour of solitude!
I can’t wait to TOUCH the yarn again. :lol:
How is everyone?
I’m afraid I woke late and was 15 min late to work. :shock:
I must have shut the alarm off or slept thru it. Our poor puppy had to miss that little time I play with him of a morning. He didn’t care tho, as he was heading toward his breakfast and knew there was a treat to uncover in his bowl :lol:

Laughs WE should create a Forum just for topics like this… and Tigger would rule… the “Good Moring” Forum laughs

I’m cold and tired… :frowning: Yesterday wa sa long day for me and I won’t be able to knit for probably about 2.5 weeks coming up…

But other than that… I’m doing SUPER :slight_smile:

tigger~ you should start you a blog fo’real!! i’d read it. :thumbsup:
its cold here in Misery…and i’m not done with DS’s hat. :crying: the cold came early!!!

And came hard… :slight_smile:

You are close to us (Iowa)… man the crap is blowing out there… 29degrees with a -2 windchill… I hate wind in winter unless… there’s lots of snow… the sun is out and it’s not 30 MPH winds… :slight_smile:

Good morning Tiggs!!!

We’re not that cold but we did have a storm/front last night that took us from 68 yesterday afternoon to 47 right now. We’ve been having a couple weeks now of above normal temps.

I did get to knit last night and finished presents for my Dad and his wife…hat and scarf. I’m starting to get this hat thing down and it is so satisfying…cast on after dinner and cast off before bed. Hard to believe.

Yeah I don’t htink I’ll get this blanket done before the baby comes… sighs although I do have a month left and some days that I can work on it :slight_smile:

It might make it less fun…but you could treat it as something on your “to do” list. Just knit for 10 mins? Of course, even that might not help because when the baby is ready, it’s going to come whether it has a toasty knit blanket or not!

It’s more that I have ALOT going on the next couple weeks with theater… we are teching for 4-5 hours straight every night… starting last night till openning next weekend…

Then I’ll have some open days.

hey guys. I don’t know about a blog. When I look over there, I feel overwhelmed. I’d never get a chance to read them all. but who knows? maybe i will jump in one day.
sorry you won’t get to knit much norman, that is ROUGH! It’s like we are addicts and have to have our daily fix. :rofling:
koolbreeze, it is going down to 27 tonight and tomorrow night. brrrrr.
kemp, that is wonderful to finish the projects!!! is this for christmas?
NORMAN, you have a baby coming?? my daughter and sil’s baby will be here in about a month too. She’s due on 1/1/06 but we think the baby will be here in Dec.

laughs No I don’t… I think we’re finished… :slight_smile:

It’s my sisters… she’s been having a rough time trying to get pregnant… but I’m makin this blanket in Plush (Bernat I think)… it’s ubber soft… and will be warm as all get out… just I have like 13 more pattern rows (26 rows) and 27 rows of the emboss pattern then 96 pattern rows (192 rows) to do on the other side… :slight_smile: There’s a few… I need to post some pics, but progress is tracked in my online blog (link in the siggy)

oh that blankie sounds nice!!
can’t wait to see the pics.
what color yarn? and does she know what the gender will be?

She does… I don’t want to know… I never want to know those things… :wink:

It’s a soft brown

I guess it’s not bernat… I’ll have to see who it is… :slight_smile:

i know, I always liked the surprise of not knowing. We were given the opportunity when pregnant with our youngest daughter (who is the one having the baby now) but we opted not to know.
But I was with brandi and michael when the ultrasound was done and we found out it she was having a girl and I just boohooed all over the place in pure joy, just a proud grandma!!
:inlove: :inlove: :inlove:

Ugggghh… I dread that word… (Grandpa) but I know… I just KNOW if my daughter follows me, her mother, my sister, or anyone now adays… that it’s coming soon…

You know the youth :doh:

NO NO NO, it’s a word you’ll treasure!!!
AND the best things about grandchildren, you play with them and have fun and then send home! :smiley:
you get all the loving and joy.
My grandkids call me “ma” cause when our grandson was a baby, he couldn’t say grandma, but he was calling his other grandmother ‘nana’ just fine. Finally out of desperation, I said, say ma and he did. LOL.
after that it was ma this ma that, and it stuck.
:cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

My kids call my mom nonie. my son called her nana at first. then i went away to school and took him with me and when i came back to town he was calling her nonie! and now my four and my neice call her that!

thats cute! it’s fun how names stick.

I’m new, can I jump in?

I have two sons, 3.5 years and 16 months. My dad is here with them right now, he hasn’t seen them since the youngest was born, and they are having a BLAST! he riles them up to a frenzy right before bed, tickles them all the time, the kind of things you always hoped your kids would have in a grandparent. He leaves today and they will miss him terribly but I am so grateful my kids have such loving, fun grandparents. They call him Papa, my mom is Grandma Dee and dh’s parents are just GrandmaGrandpa-as in, either one is called GrandmaGrandpa :smiley:

The wind chill makes it 33 right now, but it is early and should warm up to a balmy 44 or so. Well, my oldest woke up in the middle of the night throwing up, just like his brother did the night before. But yesterday I had bravely started some mittens for R (my 1 year old) so I got to get out of bed and knit some more! Gotta look on the bright side, right? The second one is going way faster than the first and I am glad I decided to laugh in the face of my mortal fear of dpn’s! HAHAHA, who’s the sucka now?

HEY JULIE!!! welcome and please enter any discussions.
Oh, your little ones sound soooo precious. what perfect ages.
I’m sorry they were sick. there’s something intestinal going round here also.
LOL that’s cute they use both names! my grandson called me papa when he was a baby. LOL. i was so glad when he finally managed to call me ma.
my grandchildren are precious jewels.
7 and 2. another one is about to be born, to our younger daughter, and we are so excited. can’t wait to meet her in person.