11/14 good morning

I had a great weekend knitting and am almost done with the front of the sweatshirt!! I have about 5 rows on the upper right shoulder and I can bind off and start the back.
it’s pretty gray this morn, maybe we’ll get some needed rain.
how’s everyone?? :smiley:

hey tigger! Can’t wait to see the sweatshirt.

Heah Tigger… Good Morning :slight_smile:

Glad to see you had a good weekend…
This weekend I picked up “The Knitters Bible” and I’m really enjoying that book… it has a good section on Fair Isle and Intarsia (my next foray) and some stich patterns … and a big section on doing sweaters…

My dad used to love to make sweaters and afghans… that’s all he did… he’s thinking about getting back into knitting since he’s retired now… :slight_smile: We’ll see

Anyway… Once I get this blanket done, I may start some intarsia…

That would be awesome if your dad got back into knitting! I can just picture the two of you hanging out, afghans in lap, knitting along. I keep telling my husband he should let me teach him, but he always looks at me like I’m nuts. I just think it would be cool to have someone that close to share it with.

Yeah you know most guys… :rollseyes: anyway… I hope to do an afghan with him at least once… he’s up there in age… and not in the best of health… so I hope… he helped me a bit with tension… but he said to my just this saturday

My tension has always been tight… that’s why I don’t do many clothes

:lol: Cause my tension is hellishly tight on somethings… but I’ve getting better :stuck_out_tongue:

NORMAN, I’ve been trying to get my hands on that book and it’s very elusive here!
I’ll end up ordering from BAM online.
tell me what you think about it??
I ended up getting the Encylopedia of Knitting by Donna Kooler and i’ve enjoyed it so far. Haven’t had time to really read it, as I’ve been knitting in a frenzy. My hands are sore I did so much knitting over the weekend, but I"M NOT COMPLAINING!!!
:rofling: :XX: :rofling: :XX: :XX: :rofling: :XX: :cheering: :cheering:

Kemp, I will post a pic when I get my dh’s sweatshirt done. He’s quite pleased with the result so far.
Said he didn’t know I could knit a sweater and I said well this is my first and he said, okay, I’ll stand crooked (and put one arm lower than the other) if I have to. ROFL :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

I really enjoy the bible… I think it was 22$ around here… so if you want I could pick it up and you could paypal me the money if it’s cheaper than getting it online :slight_smile:

Anyway… I enjoyed it… sometimes those diagrams they show confuse me… but they are pretty large diagrams… I can scan in a couple pages (actually take pictures as I don’t want to ruin the spine <-- Book nerd)
to show you what I mean…

My mom got me this small hard cover book in Tennesse that has just like hundreds of different stiches… so the stich library part of it was redundant… but the rest is great

What a sweetie pie! I just finished a sweater for my DH this weekend too. I need to get him to model it tonight so I can take a picture.

oh do take pic, I’d love to see the sweater.
okay, I’m a cheapie, my BAM STORE had the knitter’s bible (only one) for 22 but I wouldn’t buy cause I could buy online from BAM for 15. I kept thinking of the yarn I could buy with the difference in price. LOL.
I enquired of the clerk as to the price diff and she said they are basically two seperate providers. Buying online comes DIRECTLY from the warehouse, whereas BAM stores buy from the warehouse and then prices it in the store.

Yeah I had the same experince with Barnes And Noble, (unless this is who you are talking about)

Thier prices are cheaper online especially if you have a “Club card” I got one once… with the online discount (10%), the Club Discount(10%) and a some other discount that was like 15%… I don’t know why… anyway… I bought the book at a Local Fabric store :slight_smile:

I got my knitters bible used from half.com They have one right now brand new for 11.89

See what buying stuff in store and my lack of patience gets me…

laughs HOWEVER… I forgot to mention I bought some Clover size 10 Bamboo needles this weekend… WOW those things are nice… knitting with wood is my heaven let me tell ya… I thought plastic felt nice ( I don’t especially like metal)… but those bamboo… those are nice

I also bought some bamboo needles, but they are a diff brand. Can’t recall at the moment. Anyway, they are so nice to the touch!
I’m using metal ones right now from my boyle circular set.

Yep…but sometimes you just need some instant gratification :mrgreen:

Yes and that is what is keeping me from buying that set to replace my awol denise set… ughhh

norman, I also had my hands on a rosewood pair!! I was at the HL halfprice sale, so that would have made them about $9 after the discount. However, I didn’t get, as it was a larger needle than I thought I needed at the moment, but gosh it was gorgeous.

tigger, what pattern are you using for your hooded sweatshirt??

I’m doing the lionbrand one for a friend…sleeves, back are done, now working on the front…:slight_smile:

Because I’m curious, I got to ask… are most sweater patterns “Unisex”

or are women patterns different because, and excuse the terms, the bust make a difference.

Reason I ask is sometimes it’s hard to find nice patterns for guys… and I have found a couple of cable sweaters that I like, but for women… and I thionk with some modification it would be alright… :slight_smile: Just curious

it’s a freebie from bernat. we love it and it’s unisex so I plan to make for me too one day!