I was very excited to get this yarn in the mail. Gorgeous colors, soft as Malabrigo, just loved it. As I knit with it, my hands were turning blue, but I had had this issue before with other companies and a little rinse after it’s knit did just fine.

I just spent 30 minutes washing a Clapotis to get all the unset dye out. It’s duller than it was before I washed it, but I’ll see the total damage when it is dry. I am beyond #*&$@).

I am going to shoot them an email, and I’ll let you know how it goes. :mad:

Oh! how disappointing!!! I hope they do something to make it better for you - A small amount of unset dye, yes, but not to that extent!:noway:

Yikes! I have some waiting to be knit. I better check it out before I invest a ton of time.:nails:

Very disappointing indeed and excellent you passed on the issue as Ingrid’s comment indicates. One can expect occasional dye flushes from commercial wools but nothing like that sounds. Will be interesting to see what it’s like once dry. I would, if possible, take a digital of pre-wash and then post-wash dry and send it to them if the colour difference is quite pronounced.