100% Wool v. Superwash Wool

am i getting known for my random questions yet? :teehee:

i know that 100% wool is NOT machine washable unless you want it to felt.
i know that superwash IS machine washable. (hence the name)

what i don’t know is: is superwash wool 100%? if it is, what makes it machine washable? are there any other differences between the two? (besides the fact that superwash doesn’t felt)

maybe i just have a thirst for knowledge. whatever it is, i just want to know! :mrgreen:

Yes, I believe it is 100% too, the difference is in how the fiber is finished.

hmm. interesting. that’s what i was thinking it might be, but how do you “finish” a fiber? if it’s something that’s just on the surface of the wool, wouldn’t it come off if you wash it? or is it more like a chemical reaction?

Here’s a web site that gives some info on superwash wool.

thanks! that’s some pretty cool stuff! :happydance: