100 Things about me!

Hi, I like to look at 100 things about me, so I though it would be fun to make one too! Here we go! :woot:

  1. I was born in Arizona.
  2. I have two dogs.
  3. My oldest dog is very lazy.
  4. My younger dog is a ball of energy!!!
  5. Their names are Poppy (older) and Amber (younger).
  6. I have a younger sister.
  7. I have no brothers.
  8. My favorite month is June.
  9. I just started to knitt.
  10. The letter T on my keybord is acting funny!
  11. My dad is in the military. (Was)
  12. My mom used to be a teacher.
  13. My favorite color is light blue.
  14. I enjoy to laugh.
  15. I am really shy in person.
  16. I talk a lot only on computers.
  17. I never knew this would be easy!
  18. I have had three stiches my whole life.
  19. I rarely get sick.
  20. I have never drinked.
  21. I have never smoked.
  22. I wonder why women do all the housework.
  23. I always break the computer!
  24. I like taking photos.
  25. I like taking moonlight walks. (I don’t know why!)
  26. I like the funny types.
  27. I love a lot of flowers in my house.
  28. My favorie animal is a dove or deer.
  29. My favorite house pet is of course a dog!
  30. I like things that can’t break.
  31. I am forced to watch the baby shows because of my 3 year old.
  32. Her name is Sara.
  33. Very cute and pleasent girl.
  34. I enjoy the outdoors.
  35. I love the whistle of the wind.
  36. This is gettin a little hard.
  37. I keep all my receipts.
  38. I love the beach and moutains.
  39. I love to play ball with Amber.
  40. My lazy dog Poppy refuses to play ball.
  41. My letter T is working! :yay:
  42. My letter G is not!:lol:
  43. I love roses (look at my name)
  44. I am not a bery big daisy fan, (sorry if you like them!)
  45. I don’t give up easily.
  46. I play the clarinet when I can. (It is an instroment)
  47. My dog Amber loves to cuddle next to me in bed.
  48. I am currently 31.
  49. I had Sara when I was 28.
  50. I got married when I was 23.
  51. I like to collect rocks for some strane reason.
  52. I always forget stuff.
  53. I rarely get on time to stuff.
  54. This is my first blog.
  55. I don’t party much.
  56. I just started to knitt a lot of things for my 3 year old.
  57. I call it “Getting prepared for winter!”
  58. I usually write a lot of notes down.
  59. I never went to Hawii, but I will someday.
  60. I am running out of stuff to say.
  61. My favorite books are A Child Called It and Where the Red Fern Grows.
  62. My favorite authors are Erin Hunter and Rachel forgot last name.
  63. My favortie game on the computer is Button Hunt.
  64. I eat the same things for breakfest each day.
  65. I stay up really late.
  66. I live 2 hours away from mountains/ beach.
  67. My neighborhood is very friendly.
  68. Earthquakes are like a crumb to me.
  69. I hate spiders and bugs! They freak me out!
  70. I had to call my husband from work to get rid of a black wido.
  71. I still get the chills.
  72. I get air sick easily.
  73. I don’t watch T.V. very often unless I am watching Sara.
  74. I really don’t like to give up when I have to.
  75. My favorite icecream is Vanilla with hot fudge. (Yum!)
  76. I am running out of things!
  77. I always had a piggy bank when I was little.
  78. The highest money I saved back then was 13 dollars.
  79. Back then my dad took it and said to save it for collage. I was 6!
  80. I always look something over before I click/say ok.
  81. My cousins always fight!
  82. I have a total of 5 cousins from my mom’s side and 3 from my dad’s side.
  83. I love to say random stuff.
  84. I rarely wear dark clothes.
  85. I enjoy cleaning (That’s a good thing)
  86. I enjoy swimming.
  87. My dog Poppy acts like a cat.
  88. I hate being wrong.
  89. I like being right.
  90. I love getting werid drawings from my dauther.
  91. I hate being sad.
  92. I love purling more than knitting.
  93. I knitt really tight.
  94. I am almost done!
  95. I have never tripped my whole life. (It’s freaky I know!)
  96. My dog’s snore louder than me and my husband. O.O
  97. I like shiny things like jewlery.
  98. My neice likes to knitt. (I am learning with her)
    99.I like to drink water more than anything else.
  99. I can’t believe I am done!

Well, that is 100 things about me! :woohoo: Also, I forgot the letter T in the title (Opps!)

Wow, you finished it! It IS really hard to do. I don’t remember if I finished mine or not. I did it so long ago some of the info has probably changed. :lol:

  1. I am currently 31.
    I have kids older than you. :lol: My girls are 33 and 30 and my stepdaughter is 39.
  1. I live 2 hours away from mountains/ beach.
  2. Earthquakes are like a crumb to me.
    Do you live in southern California by any chance? Those of us who live here talk about distance in time rather than miles due to the traffic. And maybe we are just weird. :teehee: I live about 2 hours from the mountains, but I’m only 15-20 min from the beach. I rarely go anymore though. Had enough of it in HS.

And yes, earthquakes are no big deal 99% of the time. The really big ones can be bit scarier.

Also, I forgot the letter T in the title
You can edit your post title by going to edit, then advanced edit. :wink:

Had enough of it in HS.
Do you live in Huntington Beach by any chance? Because my grangparents on my mothers side live like 10 minutes from the beach, in walking distance!