100% Silk Sock Yarn?

I have just spent some time browsing the web for 100% silk yarn, but I cannot seem to find anything finer than DK weight (Rowan Pure Silk, Debbie Bliss, etc). I am trying to knit a tie and would like the stitches to be as small as possible while keeping it 100% silk like a traditional tie. Is there just something about the fiber that prohibits its use in very fine yarn?


That’s a good question! I’ve never seen 100% silk yarn in anything finer than a DK weight either … but I’d be interested in hearing the explanation if anyone has any insights as I’ve been wanting to make a tie as well!

Would you consider a silk blend. The only yarn I have seen that was 100% yarn (in person) was Diamond Silk Tweed (http://www.diamondyarn.com/d/yarn/diamond-luxury-collection-silk-tweed/) and I have always hated the feel of it!

I wanted to make a Gryffindor house tie, I was considering KP Gloss Sock yarn (http://www.knitpicks.com/yarns/Gloss_Sock_Yarn__D5420151.html) It would still give you the shine…??

Other than the fact that pure silk is expensive, I think it performs better in blends. Silk stretches out of shape easily when knit. It grows lengthwise. And I don’t like the hand feel of 100% silk yarn either.