100% OT advice needed

my Brother is getting married on Saturday
according to my Brother the dress is “pretty casual, you know, not Black Tie or anything, but certainly not Sundresses”

so I got the following 2 outfits
Which do you think is better?

These are the2 outfits for my youngest Daughter
Neither is “Connecticut Casual” but both are pretty and she likes them

Which do you think is better for her?
Blue or Flowers?

The one of us i do not have to worry about is my Brothers God-Daughter (my 12yo)
she is n a LOVELY white dress, with a Black Lace Bolero, and her Harly Boots (trust me, this DOES work for the wedding, if ONLY for her alone.

I like the purple one for you and the blue one for your daughter

I agree with Hilde. :thumbsup:

Add another vote for the purple one and the blue dress. I think you all will look beautiful.

I agree with the others!

:thumbsup: I agree with everyone too!

I concur!
And is that your JRT in your DDs arms??:inlove::inlove:

It seems to be unanimous!

Darn, I bought that one first, and from Good Will at that
the other is from the fancy store up north

Thank You all I feel better about my taste in clothes now
and I will stop worrying about my In Laws opinions of my Second hand clothes


I agree with Hildegard and everyone else.

Purple and blue…:slight_smile:
But the butterfly outfit sure does look COMFY!!! :slight_smile:

LOL- they aren’t “second hand” they are “vintage designer”!!!

(and no one has to know anyways!) I love that butterfly one best, but for persnickety inlaws etc maybe the purple one would be most appropriate. love the blue one on the little one.

I used to buy a ton of my dress clothes from the consignment shop. I found that most of the time they were already altered for short women so I didn’t have to take the time or money to have them shortened, it was already done. I miss that place, we moved and I haven’t found another good consignment shop.


The colors work great for you and your daughter.

Go and enjoy yourselves at the wedding. :slight_smile:

I agree, too. Purple for you and blue for your daughter.

you guys are all great
thanks for the feedback, and thanks especially for the positive feedback about my First choice
It will look a bit better in that I will have my air up and have some of the Rolls Tucked in a bit, but I do like that dress a lot
I could wear it to teach school, or to a fancy event, either way

I AM sorry I spent all that money on the other outfit, but I may wear it on one of the other wedding events this weekend, and maybe to Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners this year
its VERY size forgiving


I like thr purple dress on you, and the blue one for your daughter.

Purple and blue for me too! :slight_smile: