100 events in 1 day today!

so, like it says, today we had the 100 in 1 event happening in the city.

there were cool things going on all over the place, LOTS of chalking it up on sidewalks.

My “event” was: Tell us where you’re from!

with a world map, and LOTS of post-it notes, people wrote I’m from “insert country or city of origin here”, and then pointed it out on the map.

people were really enthusiastic about it! It was a chance to talk about “home”, educate others about it, and even meet new friends.

had a couple ladies, both were from Nova Scotia. they went off together, chatting.

another man was from Russia, and had spent time in my moms home town of Vilnius.

We learned about the beautiful 1,000 mile coast line of Libya.

and the California like weather in the Punjab.

what a fun day.

now, my map is going into the local coffee shop, to continue this new found tradition! great way to meet over a cappuccino. They’ll also use it to show where all the great coffee comes from.

That’s a very simple but imaginative way for people to meet and start conversations. At my work, I hear languages from all over in the elevators and corridors. It would be fun to know where all the passing strangers are from.