100% cotton yarn

I went to my favorite yarn store (actually, it’s the only one I know right now :oops: ) and decided that I just couldn’t spend the money on the really good yarns. $15 a skein was too rich for my blood, even the $9.99 ones I couldn’t justify when I needed 600 oz. And this was for 100% cotton yarn, not the alpacas or anything cool like that.

So I went to Walmart. I wanted 100% cotton, but couldn’t find anything in a color I wanted. I did see something that got me to thinking. 100% cotton is 100% cotton, right? I found a color I liked that was rolled on a machine spindle cone, made of rigid cardboard, for automatic weaving machines. It was huge, but…

Could I have knitted with it? It looked and felt like what was normally packaged in a skein, it had very similar care instructions, etc. Any ideas, suggestions, cotton is cotton, right?


I think you’re talking about Sugar & Cream or Peaches & Cream (I can never keep those two straight!). That’s a very popular yarn for knitting dishcloths, among other things. And yes, you can certainly knit with it! The finished cloth won’t be as shiny as some of the fancy mercerized cottons, but it’s still usable.

BTW: by Broken Arrow, do you mean Broken Arrow, Oklahoma?!

Yes, that’s the name: Peaches and Cream. If I did use that, it would be flat matte, no sheen or anything, but I don’t mind. I have a few store bought sweaters like that, and love them. I’ll do it!! I’ll get some of that and give it a go. Thank you for the help! :cheering:

Yeppers, I’m in BA, OK. Are you?

Sticks and string, what’s the problem?

I have a friend who knits some pretty neat looking stuff from kite string.

That is too freakin’ cool! :notworthy:

Excellent viewpoint – I think I shall “borrow” it. :happydance:

I learned on string. I sharpened a couple of my brother’s Tinkertoy sticks and swiped my mom’s package string. Practiced and practiced and practiced. Till my mother said if I was that determined… she bought me a pair of needles and some yarn. I was 14.


For Christmas I made several dishcloths from the cotton yarn on the cone. I was using white, and from what I could tell, it was the same as what came in a hank. Worked great, plus I have enough for MANY more.

Have you checked out Knit Picks ‘shine’ and ‘shine worsted’? I love that for cotton!

My mom used to teach in BA before I was born, but I live in OKC. I’m so glad I’m not the only Okie here anymore! :cheering: :cheering: Which LYS’s do you go to up there?

Nikki: I’ll look into it, thanks!

psammeadred: so far, the only one I’ve found is called Loops, in Utica Square, Tulsa. They are very nice and carry gorgeous yarns, but they are a tad bit expensive. There is always Walmart, though, and the Michael’s or Hobby Lobby. They also carry different quality yarns. And at prices I can more easily afford.

losnana: did you get much shrinkage from the yarn on the cone? Just wondering if I should knit a tad bit larger, to account for this.

suzeeq: too cool, LOL

I feel the same way. I have a project on the backburner that I’d like to make with some more expensive yarn that I think calls for like 800 yards or something…I’ll be stashing away money for it for quite some time I think before I can afford to begin to buy yarn to start it (I think it will cost over $100 in yarn :shock: ). So I just buy what I like, what I can afford. I spend most of my time at Michael’s or Hobby Lobby instead of LYS–they are closer than LYS, and they have a larger variety (believe it or not) than my LYS. Okay, maybe they’re not all natural fibers, but I’m kind of like Knitting Guy–“sticks and string–what’s the problem?” There’s also something to be said for “machine washable and machine dry” as opposed to “hand wash with no agitating in cold water, lay flat to dry, blocking item”. I have three kids and two dogs, and not much time/ambition to hand wash much of anything. :oops: :teehee: I’ve gotten very nice results from using manmade fibers, and there are some pretty cool manmade fiber yarns out there.

If you knit with cotton, be sure to allow in size for shrinkage!! Here’s a web site with knitting with cotton tips http://www.stlouisknittersguild.com/cottontips.html
and some good info here


I have read that there’s 10 to 15% shrinkage. You may want to do a swatch to test first and measure the shrinkage.

Have you looked at Elann’s inventory of cotton/cotton blend yarnshere? Elann carries a myriad of top name yarns at a fraction of retail.

Also, check out Web’s Grandpa’s Garage for great deals. Web’s currently has an inventory reduction sale going on.

I don’t know what gauge you need, but Paton’s Grace is a nice mercerized cotton that retails for about $4-5.

And don’t discount EBAY for knitting supplies or yarn.

I cannot see spending a ton of money on yarn when yummy yarns can be found on the cheap–well except for my splurges on MMMMalabrigo! :teehee:

If you want a great cotton yarn that is reasonable, try the Gedifra Beauty Cotton on elann.com. I paid less than 4$ a skein for it and it is beautiful. I am knitting a sweater for my sister for her birthday with it.

Dragons Chest, since i was doing dischcloths I didn;'t pay too much attention . I did wash in warm water and block, but didn’t notice any problem. There is a site comoparing the different brand of cotton as to their shrinkage and color fastness when washed in hot water and with bleach. I’ll try to find it and post it for you.

So far, I haven’t been able to find that site comparing the cottons. I do remember, however, that Peacnes N Cream and Sugar N Cream were both tested. As I recall neither exhibited too much shrinkage. If you’re working on a fitted garment, however, it could be enough. I’ll keep looking.

Thanks for looking, losnana, I appreciate it! :heart: