10 stitch repeat

Hi, I need help. I’m trying to knit the sun ray shawl from the elann website. I got through the first 14 rows okay but now I’m confused (a normal state these days). The directions read "from * to * is a 10 stitch repeat. I would assume that means to repeat those sections 10 times each. However, there are only 43 stitches on my needles at the moment so I can’t figure it out. Can anyone help?
Thanks so much.

Can you link or copy and paste the pattern?

I can’t say exactly what they mean without seeing the pattern, but I’m fairly certain that a ‘10 stitch repeat’ does NOT mean to repeat 10 times. Of course, I’ve known patterns to say things in strange ways.

Wenda’s right. I made the shawl (though it didn’t work with the yarn Id made it with and it’s halfway undone now) What the `10 st repeat’ means is that the st pattern is over 10 sts. After you go through the first set of rows (to row 36 I think) and you start over again at row 5 (?) you’ll have to repeat the part between the ** or marked on the chart to the center st, then from the center st to the end of the row. I think the first time through it’s 3 times, because there’s about 30 sts. If you only have 43 sts on the needle, that’s the edge sts plus the center stitch so you only have about 18 sts on either side of the center. You can’t do the 10 st repeat more than once, so just do it, then knit the rest of the sts to the center, knit the same number of sts on the other side of the center st, (putting a marker there helps) then do the 10 st repeat.

This is the link to the pattern, I sure appreciate it.