10 ply wool for an 8 ply pattern

Hi, I have 10 ply wool and want to knit a jumper with an 8 ply pattern. What do I do.
Is there a method of using different wool with different patterns.


You can use any yarn as long as you get the gauge specified in the pattern.

Contiknitter is right. On the pattern you have you will see they recommend checking gauge. Let’s say they recommend knitting 25 stitches over 20 rows and they tell you that gauge should equal ‘x’ measurement. You need to experiment with your 10 ply and say do a swatch of perhaps 20 stitches over the same number of rows and see if that gives you the same measurement. Once you get that right you then need to adjust the pattern accordingly. If its a simple pattern and simply stitch it’ll be fairly easy. If it’s a complex pattern then you might need to just go find a similar 10 ply pattern! :slight_smile: