10 ply to 2 ply?

I found a pattern for a baby blanket but it says the yarn is 10 ply. I wanted to knit in a finer yarn for a more heirloom effect. Will it affect the size much if I do so from 10 ply to 2 ply?

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That’s probably a large change in yarn weight depending on the gauge and where you are located. Here’s a chart:

Since a given yarn, say worsted weight can by made of from one to several more plies, you can see the problem. It’s better to look at the stitches per inch for the yarn and the pattern when comparing.
What yarn are you thinking of using and which pattern? Can you give us a pattern name?

That was great and very informative! It can be very daunting when you shop for yarn… thanks!

This cheat sheet is SOOO helpful!!!
I emailed it to myself so I can print it and have it handy :blush: Thx bunches!

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