10 dishcloths in 5 days

I just knit 10 dishcloths in 5 days and my hand are tired! A friend was going on a trip to the Dominican Republic to visit several missionaries there. She asked if I could knit some dishcloths she could give as gifts to the missionaries and host families. She asked last Wed. afternoon and was leaving Tues. morning. So I furiously set to work. Here’s what I did. (I already had 2 done.) I finished the one on the needles too.

Those look great! I love the different colors and the lace patterns. Great job! (I just did the math. That’s two dishcloths a day! :happydance: )

:passedout: wow
i love the green/white and the yellow/orange/white ones! my faves :heart: they are all so nice! great job! :happydance:

These are great, they look like they would stand up to some abuse. lovely work, lovely colors… and what productivity!

:cheering: :cheering:

Wow! What a good friend you are. That is a lot of work! I love how they’re all different. You deserve a hug! :hug:

What a nice thing for you to do! They’re beautiful!

They all look great !

WOW!!! Fabulous job! :notworthy:

Those are so pretty! What yarn did you use?

Wow! They’re so pretty!

The missionaries will love you! :slight_smile:

Awesome! :thumbsup:

Wonderful, what a great idea for the missionaries!

I knit up about 20 around Christmas time and everyone loved them. I picked out pictures and pattern that I thought went best with the person receiving them. It was fun working my kids trying to find patterns for their suggestions! Because it was Christmas we went to Walmart and bought up a bunch of shower gel and lotion to put with them. It’s such a great way to learn new stitches!


BEAUTIFUL!! What a nice gesture!!

Thanks everyone! I really enjoyed working on them.

They were all knit from Sugar n Cream yarn.

So pretty!

Wow, those all look great! :cheering: I love all the variety of colors, it’s really fun!

HOw cool! I bet the recipients (and your friend) just love them!

wow I love how those colors knit up!!! Did you link to the pattern and I missed it?? :shifty: